Lost Highway (1997) locations in Los Angeles

David Lynch’s own house is featured


7035 Senalda Road, Los Angeles, California, United States

Arnie’s garage..


..is at 810 South La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, California, United States

From the other side of the street, they are watched


Indeed at 747 South La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, California, United States

Later, we are brought at the Lost Highway Hotel


Out there in Death Valley Junction, California, United States

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Did You Know?

The Simpsons has been for a while, the longest running cartoon show of all-time in the U.S.. The yellow-skinned family lives at 742 Terrace Evergreen, in Springfield. Springfield, where? We were never told. What you may not know is that a real-life replica of the house was built in Henderson, NV, almost twenty years ago. The colors, initially similar to the ones in the cartoon, had to be changed due to the local homeowner’s association rules. Such a shame!

This house is located at 712 Red Bark Lane, as shown below.

Toronto, ON

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Still took the time to share a few locations from David Cronenberg’s 1986 remake of The Fly. Look it up!


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A Small Universe

Most of the time, when fantasy movies are set in fictional cities or towns, movie producers make it real simple and use studio backlots for the whole shot. Tim Burton didn’t quite follow the trend when he filmed Edward Scissorhands in 1990, he used a small area of Lutz in Florida as a backdrop.

Although the mansion wasn’t real, the production had many houses in the neighborhood painted to blend in with the film atmosphere. Visit them now!