A Hard Day’s Night (1964) Filming Locations

Location #1: Reaching the train station


Marylebone Station, Melcombe Place, London, England, United Kingdom

Location #2: Leaving the gate

aharddaysnight02 aharddaysnight02B

Further on Melcombe Place (they turn into Great Central Street), London, England, United Kingdom

Location #3: The Beatles are driven to

aharddaysnight03A aharddaysnight03B

The old Scala Theatre on Tottenham Street, London, England, United Kingdom

Note from the Webmaster: The Scala Theatre was demolished in 1969.

Location #4: Helipad

aharddaysnight04A aharddaysnight04B

Thornbury Playing Fields, Isleworth, London, England, United Kingdom

Location #5: Ringo pursued by fans

aharddaysnight05A aharddaysnight05B aharddaysnight05C

At Lancaster Road & All Saints Road, London, England, United Kingdom

10 thoughts on “A Hard Day’s Night (1964) Filming Locations

  1. Alex Fleming

    Pretty sure location No.6 is south of the river in Kew, near Kew Bridge.

    Also pretty sure the arrival train station is Paddington.

    1. Allan Cousens

      I agree about scene 6, it’s just west of Kew Bridge on the south side because at one point you can see the chimney of, what is now, the London Museum of Water and Steam across the river.

    2. Margaret penn

      I worked at that place as it was called the studio school and kindergarten I met the Beatles and Wilfred bra well I made them tea coffee rolls spoke to the Beatles because to the side of the building it was a vicarage

  2. Rob

    The Thames scene are strand on the green in the background are the old Brentford gas works gone many years ago 50+at least

  3. Steven Nock

    Recently find out the kindly elderly blonde woman living next door to me was in ‘A hard days Night’
    She auditioned and was given a part as one of the schoolgirls at the start chasing them and then on the train.
    She got to know the fab four and even went out for lunch with them.


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