A Raisin in the Sun (1961) Filming Locations

Location #1: House of Walter’s employer



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Note from the Webmaster: Very little information is available about the filming of this movie, perhaps someone would be able to recognize it?

Location #2: He then drops his employer near


North Michigan Avenue & East Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Location #3: Kitty Kat Klub


611 East 63rd Street, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Location #4: Mother buys a new house


At 4930 West Hirsch Street, Chicago, Illinois, United States

2 thoughts on “A Raisin in the Sun (1961) Filming Locations

  1. RS

    Amazing how many of those same little brick bungalows were built all over the place. My aunt and uncle in Norridge lived in a neighborhood where the houses were all just like that. Even from the inside view during the movie (Raisin in the Sun) it was obviously pretty much the same floor plan. You went in the doorway by the driveway, up a few stairs to the house level or down the stairs to the basement.

  2. Dan Giordano

    Lived on the next block over., 4922 Kamerling.
    Our neighbor across the alley told us stories of the filming. He said it was directed by David Suskind. There was a woman whose job it was to hold his cigarette holder for him until he needed to smoke his cigarette.
    He said they put a tripod on his lawn without asking permission and he told them to get it off.
    They apparently set up very early in the morning and he woke to see the crew on his lawn.
    I was amazed by his stories of Hollywood because he was unimpressed.
    Now that I’ve retired, I work as an extra on the “Chicago ” shows and the movies that are shot here.
    I’ve learned all about those 4:00 am call times.


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