… And Justice for All (1979) Filming Locations

Location #6: Maryland Penitentiary entrance

andjusticeforall06A andjusticeforall06B

At 401 East Eager Street, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Location #7: Asking questions


600 Block of South Potomac Street, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

* A contribution by Joseph Gann!

Location #8: The judge’s house



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Location #9: Arthur jogging


East Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Location #10: Arthur jogging (cont’d)


At West Mount Vernon Place & North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland, United States

5 thoughts on “… And Justice for All (1979) Filming Locations

  1. cheryl carter

    what about the opening scene – was that filmed at san francisco city hall? i worked there as a legislative aide for three years, and i knew that hall like i know the back of my hand…

    1. Alexandre L., Webmaster Post author

      Unfortunately, I do not track locations indoors, as they are usually almost impossible to figure out.

  2. Terry

    I believe the helicopter scene is at Martin State Airport in Middle River, MD. Not positive but certainly looks like that’s the spot.

  3. Nancy Franklin

    The Thanksgiving scene was filmed at my best friend’s house. 922 Rolandvue Road, Ruxton, Md 21204. At that time it was owned by Richard and Adele Wright. Filmed in the front hall, and the dinig room. Beautiful and grand Baltimore County home.

  4. Scott Williamson

    There was a house that Pacino walked in front of through the yard to head to the swimming pool to talk to the judge. It’s a very cute house


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