Animal House (1978) Filming Locations

Location #1: Wormer’s office


Johnson Hall, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, United States

Location #2: Kroger and Dorfman leave


Carson Hall, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, United States

Location #3: They can be then seen walking in front of


Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, 1430 Johnson Lane, Eugene, Oregon, United States

Location #4: Statue


In front of University of Oregon Library, 1501 Kincaid Street, Eugene, Oregon, United States

Location #5: Omega House


729 East 11th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon, United States

3 thoughts on “Animal House (1978) Filming Locations

  1. x

    Does anyone know the location of Donald Sutherland’s apartment where they smoked pot?

    I have the scene on TV right now….it is clearly a real house….you can see the building across the street through the window…

  2. Lokel Yokel

    First: Possibly on 11th Street (note cars on both sides facing one direction) not far from the University…someone once identified it exactly but it escapes me now.

    Second: The drill scene is actually south of where the tennis courts were (on the north side of the playing fields).

    Third: Where’s the Fishbowl Cafeteria (food fight) in the Erb Memorial Student Union (opened late 1950 after delays) in these listings??!! [Pay attention to the Syracuse Econo-rim china with yellow spray border and inner green pinstripe in both the return bucket (golf ball shot) and the second glass case (jello shot) that Bluto/Belushi passes. Those are University of Oregon colors and this appears to have been a custom design for this dining venue which may have been dwindling by the time of the filming.] Good luck finding any references to the bowling alley that was downstairs just below them.

    1. Randall Stamm

      The Fishbowl was on the University St. side of the EMU — in front of it, and below, was the sunken EMU Courtyard that climbed up to the corner of 13th and University. The Fishbowl was exactly the way it looked in the film — I was a student at the UO when they filmed it living in Carson Hall down 13th from the EMU (and where real food fights actually occurred in the Carson Hall dining room). The Mayflower Theater (an ancient small movie theater) was across 11th from the house being used as the Animal House, and we would watch them film night scenes across the street while we waited in line to get in for the Saturday night midnight movie (I think it was Jesus Christ, Superstar). The Daily Emerald (UO student newspaper) ran a survey of students-on-the-street about the statue of Eberhard Faber they set up fro the film in front of the library, and many thought it was a real statue that had been there for a long time.


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