Badlands (1973) Filming Locations

Location #1: Holly’s house

505 Locust Avenue, Las Animas, Colorado, United States

Location #2: Kit’s place

Roughly at 116 Dalton Avenue, La Junta, Colorado, United States

Location #3: Kit and Holly get in the car

In front of 554 Carson Avenue, Las Animas, Colorado, United States

Location #4: School

Formerly the Columbian School at 1026 6th Street, Las Animas, Colorado, United States

* A contribution by Andrew Pino!

Location #5: Cato’s house

At Ragsdale Farm 24247 US-287, Lamar, Colorado, United States

* A contribution by Marshall Cook!

3 thoughts on “Badlands (1973) Filming Locations

  1. Andrew Pino

    This location was the old Columbian school, grade school and Jr. high. It’s the back door of the building facing north. The building has been torn down now.

  2. Doug Whitlock

    There is a scene in the movie Badlands where Sheen drives across the plains though a barbed wire fence….that was on my uncles ranch south of La Junta Colorado. While filming they asked if they could drive through the fence if they fixed it afterwards and my uncle said yes. Late in the afternoon he checked on the work and found they had strung a single strand of wire instead of 3-4. “there were cows on both sides!” said uncle ha. I recall they used my uncles 1928-9 Rolls “red” in one scene. Oddly they also filmed the movie Mr Majestyk in La Junta too…if you look quick you can seem my grandmothers old place on San Juan Ave…

  3. Marshall Cook

    I’m positive your location #5 that you inquire about is the Ragsdale Farms located about four miles south of Lamar, Colorado on US Hwy 287. I do seem to recall this being on Howard Ragsdale’s ranch and he was also in the movie at this location. I was very young when they filmed this movie but there was also some filming done on our street (East Elm Street) in Lamar, Colorado. I recall my parents coming home to a note on the door asking that they removed any cars from the street on a certain day that were newer than a certain year.


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