Christmas Vacation (1989) Filming Locations

Location #1: House of the Griswolds


This is a studio backlot / movie set

Location #2: Clark’s office

christmasvacation02A christmasvacation02B

At 69 West Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Location #3: Shopping


At North State Street & West Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Location #4: Skyscraper


John Hancock Center, 875 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Location #5: Wal-Mart


840 Summit Boulevard, Frisco, Colorado, United States

2 thoughts on “Christmas Vacation (1989) Filming Locations

  1. Isaiah

    The shot in Clark’s office, behind him is a window. With what appears to be the Southside of the Renaissance Hotel on the corner of Wacker & State in Chicago. From that perspective it was shot next door in the 35 W. Wacker. Was B roll footage shot at 35 W. Wacker for this shot?

  2. anotherguyTN

    Where were the scenes filmed where the Griswolds are driving through a mountainous area looking for a Christmas tree? That definitely isn’t near Chicago. I’m thinking somewhere in the Northwest.


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