Dazed and Confused (1993) Filming Locations

Location #6: Top Notch

7525 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas, United States

Location #7: Baseball Game

Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest District Park, 7000 Ardath Street, Austin, Texas, United States

Location #8: Mitch’s house

6806 Pioneer Place, Austin, Texas, United States

Location #9: Ballard’s Groceries


4001 Medical Parkway, Austin, Texas, United States

Location #10: Paint It, White

821 Brentwood Street, Austin, Texas, United States

One thought on “Dazed and Confused (1993) Filming Locations

  1. Clark Walker

    The Moontower party was at Decker Lake Park.
    The POV from the Moontower was taken from Mount Bonnell and was the last shot photographed, something the editors needed and done weeks after production wrapped.
    Interior dawn driving shots for the final scene (going to get Aerosmith tickets) was shot on Southwest Parkway.
    Helicopter shots of the ending (leaving town) were done near Georgetown, heading west on a reshoot day when pickup shots from the Junior high were filmed.
    The Emporium arcade/ pool hall was across the street from the “paint it white” location, which can be seen when O’Bannion (Ben Afleck) drives away, both locations are linked.
    Driving montage shots were done on Burnet
    The Hollywood theater (Air raid you freshman bitches) is now a branch library.
    The Robo Wash is in Sequin Texas and was the first shots made for the movie, listed on production as camera test day in order to cheat the studio on budget and shoot days.
    Freshman girl Actor Christina Hinojosa’s house was neat the end of Travis heights bldv where it meets Oltorf or Live Oak, on the west side of the street. She gets dropped off and picked up there.


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