Death Wish (1974) Filming Locations

Location #1: On vacation


Hawaii, United States

Location #2: Paul Kersey’s apartment


33 Riverside Drive, Manhattan, New York, United States

Location #3: Joanna walking back home


From Broadway & West 75th Street, Manhattan, New York, United States

Location #4: The burial


Cypress Hills Cemetery, Cooper Avenue, Queens, New York, United States

* A contribution by Peter Popowytsch!

Location #5: Paul gets off the bus at

deathwish08A deathwish08B

West End Avenue & West 74th Street, Manhattan, New York, United States

16 thoughts on “Death Wish (1974) Filming Locations

  1. Bobby Travieso

    Great locations! But…you forgot what is probably the most known spot for this movie….the confrontation with the three thugs at the steps towards the end. in fact, its the steps depicted in the original movie poster! I know exactly where they are. If interested I can go and take some pics and send them to you.
    I’m an artist….a cartoonist….and I’m presently in the making of a parody of this Death Wish poster. I can send you this image upon completion, as well. Check out my site to see my cartoon and abstract art works. Enjoy!

    1. Alexandre L., Webmaster Post author

      Hi Bobby,

      Are you sure you are not referring to the first location on the third page? The copy I had from the movie is now gone from my computer, so I couldn’t double-check, but I believe this is the stairway from the movie poster.

      You can always send me a picture of the stairway if you wish, I do plan on eventually including pictures provided by visitors.

  2. Derek

    Great site….I was always curious the apartment location where Paul attends a party and goes outside to enjoy the sunset. It looks like the same view from the movie Shamus where Shamus goes to visit Diane Cannon at her apartment. What do you think? what is Paul looking at in Death Wish from this roof top balcony?


    1. Alexandre L., Webmaster Post author

      Good question. This is somewhere in Hell’s Kitchen. Paul is overlooking New York State Route 9A.

  3. Frank

    The Chicago Union Station scenes at the end of the movie are actually the lower level of Grand Central Terminal in NYC.

  4. Dom Rinaldi

    I am pretty sure that the Hawaii location is on the beach due west of the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu… I could be wrong, but it looks like it!

  5. Paul

    Hello Bobby,

    Do you know the location of the D’Agostino’s Supermarket where the “freaks” were causing a ruckus and then got Joanna Kersey’s address from the bag she left for delivery?

    I remember that in the movie, Lt. Ochoa told his detectives that the supermarket was located “two and a half blocks” from the subway station where one of the vigilante shootings take place.

    Since the early 2000’s D’Agostino’s has closed many of their supermarkets? and I suspect that the location of the market in question is 2131 Broadway at 74th Street, which today houses a Fairway Supermarket.

    1. Mark

      Yes, the supermarket was at 2131 Broadway, which is now a Fairway, If you look at the NYC 1980s tax photos you can see it used to be a D’Agostino’s. Also, when the camera is pointing towards the exit, you can see a piece of the Apple Bank building at 2100 Broadway in the distance (where Bronson later acquires a roll of quarters).

  6. Eamonn

    I’ve just watched the film again. Does anyone know the location of the very first shooting, when Paul Kersey seems to be on a tow-path by the river? Is it Central Park? Thanks.

  7. Steven

    Does anyone know where Paul, Henry, and Sam eat dinner and watch the mayor and Lt. Ochoa on TV? Right around the 57 minute mark. Amazing brick interior.

  8. lorenzo

    The traffic jam where the Kerseys are stuck when they come back in NYC is located roughly at 35 Queens Blvd, Queens.
    The Aviation High School can be seen briefly behind the running metro trains.

  9. Shawn Hughes

    Where are they having dinner in that restaurant that looks like City Hall Subway station with the self-supporting vaulted tile ceilings that Rafael Guastavino designed?


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