Die Another Day (2002) Filming Locations

Location #1: Korea beach

Really Pe’ahi Jaws Surf Break, Hanaha Road, Haiku, Hawaii

Location #2: Colonel Tun-San Moon’s HQ


Do you know where this scene was filmed? If you do, please email me at webmaster@themoviedistrict.com. Full credit will be given to you. Thank you.

Location #3: Raoul

Mercado Central en Cádiz, Plaza Libertad, Cádiz, Spain

Location #4: El Gran Palacio Hotel

At Junta de Andalucía, Avenida Duque de Nájera, 3, Cádiz, Spain

Location #5: Isla Los Organos

This is a studio backlot / movie set

Note from the Webmaster: It wasn’t a fake set per-se, but the real island looks nothing like what we see in the movie: it’s CGI.

2 thoughts on “Die Another Day (2002) Filming Locations

  1. Megabyte

    The location ‘Korea Beach’ isn’t complete correct. Just the surf scenes has been filmed in Pe’ahi Jaws Surf Break. The coast by itself was shot near Holywell, Newquai in Cornwall, England.


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