Easy Rider (1969) Filming Locations

Location #1: La Contenta Bar


1302 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, El Prado, New Mexico, United States

Location #2: Airport


Los Angeles International Airport, World Way, Los Angeles, California, United States

Location #3: Getting rid of the watch


Ballarat, California, United States

Location #4: The bridge


Needles Freeway, near Colorado River, at the California/Arizona border

Location #5: Hotel


2 Historic Route 66, Flagstaff, Arizona, United States

22 thoughts on “Easy Rider (1969) Filming Locations

  1. ralph may

    E. J. Guillot grocery and beer.
    I believe the E J Guillot Groceries & Beer Store shown in this movie scene was located in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana. It was in the Village of Chacahoula at the junction of Hwy 28 and Hwy 79. This is about 8 miles south of Thibodaux. These highways have changed and now LA Hwy 20 (not I-20) is the highway which runs through that area. From my research, it looks like the store is now a vacant lot and may be owned by L. S. Boudreaux of New Orleans, LA. I hope this information has been helpful.

    1. Andrew

      Many of the trees in the area have been felled but you can find it at-

      LAT 31° 0’16.74″N
      LONG E91°43’28.58″W

      The burning bike is directly across from the green algae stream (which looks the same as it did in 1969) you’ll also notice the track on the side of the road still has the path intersecting it.

      1. Jonathan

        The location you suggest is not correct. If you look at the scene where they pass the swamp on the left, the road is straight for quite a ways ahead, and then turns to the left. The location you point out does not do that. And when the aerial shot pans up at the end of the film, the topography does not match the area you suggest.

        The exact location where Wyatt’s bike is burning in the aerial view just before the credits roll is: 30.572894, -91.761673 on highway 105 just north of Krotz Springs, La. The aerial view at the end of the film is looking south. If you look at the above coordinates on Google Maps, you can see the little dirt pull-out area with a dirt road heading up to the top of the levee (the metal gate is gone). Billy and his bike were laying on the road just south of this small dirt pull-out area, Wyatt and his burning bike were just to the north of the pull-out. The swamp area can be seen on the right (west side of road) just north of where Wyatt’s bike was burning. Everything checks out.

        At 1:32:05 In the film, it shows Wyatt and Billy passing the swamp on their left and heading north, which is when Billy gets shotgunned. That is inconsistent with the aerial view at the end, where they show both Wyatt and Billy dead just to the south of that swamp. Sorry for the long detail post….but there is more!

        More things to confirm this is the absolute correct location. When Wyatt and Billy pass the swamp on their left, there is a driveway on the left not far past the swamp with a mailbox. At 1:32:04, we can see a flash of a house just past the swamp where the above driveway leads to. The Google map view shows remnants of that driveway. The house is gone but there appears to be an open area just to the south of the stand of trees where the house could have been.

        At 1:32:12 in the film, we see Wyatt on the wrong side of the road, and Billy on his right heading north. In the distance in the field to the left side of the road a white house is barely visible just before the treeline. You can see faintly see the outline of a carport . You can see the same house and carport in Google street view.

        Towards the very end of the film when the aerial view pans way out, the topography matches what you see on Google Maps.

        Sorry for the long post.

        1. Richard Rettino

          I think this is the correct location. There are trees there now but the path and swamp area match exactly. 30 degrees 26’ 37.4N, 91 degrees 42’ 37.6W. Route 975(Whiskey Bay Parkway).

    2. jaytee

      30°48’38.8″N 91°48’56.2″W. FACE SOUTH

      It’s hard to recognize, a the wooded areas to the right have been cleared and now have farmland . But the turn in the road, bodies of water and dirt road to the left is still there. If you look really close, you can see the old left turnoff onto the dirt road which has been replaced by a more right angle turn.

      1. Jonathan

        I looked at that area you suggest as well, Jaytee. But it just does not match the film. Where is the swampy creek that you see on the other side of the road where Wyatt’s bike is burning? And in the film, the road just to the north of where they are killed makes a sharp left turn. The road to the north of the area you suggest makes a gentle curve to the right. Furthermore, at the very end of the film as the credits just complete, you can faintly see a bridge over the Atchafalaya River. That is the Krotz Springs Bridge, built in 1934 serving Route 190, demolished in 1985, and replaced by two new bridges. There are no bridges anywhere near the coordinates you suggest.

        The true coordinates of Wyatt’s burning bike are: 30.572894, -91.761673 (looking south). Everything matches the film; the shape of the roadway, the swampy creek across from where Wyatt’s bike is burning, the dirt pull-out area, the bend in the river, and you can see the bridges to the south on Google maps that replaced the original Krotz Springs bridge shown in the film.

  2. Don

    I did a comparison of the aerial shot with Jonathan’s coordinates and I think he is spot on. Wyatt’s bike burns at
    30.572894, -91.761673
    Thank you!

    1. JBrown

      I second that. You can even see the dirt patch on the side of the road that runs across diagonally to the minor road along the water. That is the same dirt pull off that lies between Billy’s downed bike and Wyatt’s bike in flames.

      Great catch.

  3. levi

    Simmesport, LA is not correct for location of final scene. It was approx. 35 miles south on Rt 105 just north of Krotz Springs, LA

  4. Mike

    Hey folks watching this movie for first time in years. Anyone know where they did the shooting between the ruins and the commune. They pass a stream on their right, then a cemetery with bunch of white crosses and then what I call a mud village however I doubt that it if true mud village. In fact I’m sure it was all just a movie set with the exception of the stream. Anyway does that really exist, or did it exist at time of shooting. Man I would love to see and experience a little village like nowadays. Man can you believe we are still discussing this film after all these years

    1. Terry M Ballard

      The ruins & some of the road shots are on the loop road 545 from Wupatki down to Sunset Crater.
      I just went to the “Pine Breeze Motel” & gas station in Bellemont, 12 mi. west of Flagstaff. It’s still there! But an RV park now. The Easy Rider poster is in the window of the vacant building.

    2. Mark Delgado

      They enter the grounds of the Historic Taos Pueblo, the stream runs through the Pueblo, then they ride Southward, away from the Pueblo, to the commune areas near Penasco. The “mud villages” that Mike refers to are the style and construction prevalent throughout New Mexico and, they weren’t part of a movie set. All of the scenes in and around the communes and hot springs were real. The lifestyle still is apparent, although no longer referred to as “Hippie!”

  5. Ken Dee

    I believe that bridge they are on crossing thru Needles over the Colorado River into Arizona was also part of historic Route 66, even though you referred o it as “Needles Freeway.” This of course has been supplanted by Interstate 40…and in fact I think many parts of Interstate 40 were in fact already in existence in 1969 and had replaced Route 66 in most areas….so most likely the film-makers either intentionally did not use the I-40 freeway to cross the river or perhaps that section of I-40 was not yet complete.

    1. Tony

      At “…she said I gotta go but my friend can stick around” they are riding North on Rte 163 past Agathla Peak also known as El Capitan. It is just a little North of Kayenta, Az. The rest looks familiar but of THAT I am 100% certain.

  6. David

    Totally agree with Jonathan’s location and will add after 50 years of watching the film I missed the continuity error at the end of the film

    In the last scene they are travelling up North Levee Road and Wyatt is very nearly at the gate on his right hand side. Billy is about 50 yards behind. The Red necks travel side by side with Billy before the passenger shoots him. But this takes 13 seconds, so at 30 mph he should be approximately 190 yards further on past the gate..
    Wyatt takes a U turn and travels back to find Billy off his bike, but 60 yards further back from the gate. Wow that must have been some shotgun blast from David C. Billodeau. So here’s Billy 60 yards from the gate and Wyatt sets off for help and then the next clip sees the Red necks do a U turn at the same gate. But looks like they move Billy first.

    Still, it’s the same message.

  7. Dale Deshotel

    the cafe in Morganza was called Melancon cafe and the physical address is 181 North Highway 1 @Campbell St. Morganza,La. A drive by scene of Ben Franklin store in Franklin,La and the physical address is 716 Main St.


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