Funny Farm (1988) Filming Locations

Location #11: Ivy’s Cafe

Roughly at 2111 Vermont 30, Townshend, Vermont, United States

Note from the Webmaster: Perhaps this was a facade made up for the set, but in the same sequence, we see a shot from inside the cafe outside, and we can see location #5 from a distance, hence the guess for the address.

One thought on “Funny Farm (1988) Filming Locations

  1. Adam

    Hello. I wanted to send you a correction for the baseball field location you have for Funny Farm. You have the correct town, but the location you have on your website is several hundred yards away from the actual spot. Here are the GPS coordinates for the correct location (43.5407374, -72.4018412). I also did a very thorough filming location video on YouTube for most of the locations and I go into detail to show how this site I am sending you matches up perfectly. I also have several other locations on my video that you do not have listed such as where Andy and Elizabeth have the picnic on their way to Redbud, the spot where the guys cut down the Redbud road sign, the interior of the town hall, etc. I’m happy to provide any information on those if needed as well. Below is the link to my video. I have added chapters in the video description if you want to jump around to a specific location. Here’s the link:


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