Goldfinger (1964) Filming Locations

Location #1: Court


Fontainebleau Miami Beach, 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, United States

Location #2: Bond reports


Big Ben, London, England, United Kingdom

Location #3: Golf match


Stoke Poges Golf Club, Professional Shop/Park Road, Slough, England, United Kingdom

Location #4: Driving past..


The Belvedere Hotel on Furkastrasse, Oberwald, Switzerland

Location #5: ..then past a small village


Which is Realp, Switzerland

18 thoughts on “Goldfinger (1964) Filming Locations

  1. Jason Ward

    While Bond’s Aston-Martin is following Goldfinger’s Rolls Royce and still in Britain, an interesting scene takes place at Southend Airport in Southend, Essex, UK. The Rolls is loaded aboard an unusual aircraft operated by British United Airferries which kind of looks like a piston-drive miniature 747 with the bulbous nose. This plane was very unusual and only about 20 were ever built. It is a converted DC-4 known as a “Carvair” and was briefly used for cross-channel services. Southend Airport is now called London Southend Airport in an attempt to attract more business.

  2. Albert Peterson

    Credit at the end of the film: technical advisor…Charles russhon.. was a personal friend of Cubby Broccoli, and the military commander of 1st armored division, stationed at fort Knox.

  3. Johnny Zee

    Hi Bond fans. from New Jersey USA. The Special edition dvd commentary says that scenes of the hotel pool, with Bond meeting CIA Agent Felix Leiter, Bond with girl ” Dink ” , Bond in Goldfinger’s suite and meeting Jill Masterson, and breaking up Goldfinger’s crooked card game, were mostly done with back projection plates and screens of the Fountainbleu at Pinewood Studios; as actors Cec Linder and Gert Frobe were not available for filiming in Florida. Thanx

    1. Ernest Farino

      Just a small correction: Cec Linder (Felix Leiter) actually was on location in Miami, the only member of the main cast to travel to Florida. He is seen in the various areas of the Fountainbleu Hotel, including poolside; many scenes were photographed to be used as back projection plates in the studio, as you say, but he’s definitely there on the location for several shots. Also, he steps out of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant when his CIA partner calls out, “He’s on the move!” and then immediately thereafter in their white Thunderbird as they trail Oddjob with the “homer” in Mr. Solo’s pocket in the Lincoln. The closeup scenes with dialog at poolside, including the card game and Goldfinger’s hotel suite with Jill and her binoculars were all sets built at Pinewood with projected backgrounds.

  4. Jo

    I have been a Goldfinger enthusiast since the movie came out in the 60’s. Mostly interested in the scenes that were SUPPOSEDLY filmed in Kentucky, USA, but looked suspiciously like FLORIDA…note the palm trees as the two agents sent to keep track of Bond follow the tracking device, and the ODDJOB scene murdering the mob boss SOLO. Too Floridian looking to be Kentucky. The gravel on the side of the interstate and highways looks a lot like Florida sand. Were ALL of the background scenes for the agents tailing Bond actually filmed in Kentucky OR, conveniently filmed in and around MIAMI. Today’s Fontainblue hotel is but a shadow of it’s former self, but just as expensive. The background scene as ODDJOB drove past the entrance to the Kentucky airport looked like the old Miami airport entrance to me. Just saying….anyone know for sure?

    1. DfM

      There is a quick moment when you can see a street sign that says ‘OPA LOCKA BLVD’ which is in Miami. The prominent background of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant is supposed to easily convince the audience of Kentucky.

    2. Alan McGhee

      My job has me driving around Miami for 20 years… those driving scenes with the 2 FBI agents following Odd Job are on US 441 in North Miami, ( recognize the KFC and the Royal Castle) and the scrap metal place in on Miami River area that has many scrap metal business.

  5. Gene McEvoy

    Very interesting the people that made this movie knew what was going on in the United States the Mafia the military in the Cuba even the car the Lincoln Continental convertible at the end of the movie all indicative of JFK assassination the fountain blue Hotel or Chicago Mafia the CIA and made the original contract to get Castro at this location the parties included Robert Mayhew representing the CIA and Johnny rosselli of the Chicago outfit meeting 1961 then at the end the getaway is to Cuba Hollywood knows all

  6. Ivan Potter

    in the action frame of Bond listening in on the Bank Job, it looked like he wrote on the notepaper, next to the words Ft. Knox, the word Tennes. Wwas this an Editor’s slip up or was this meant to place the fort in Tennessee, not Kentucky?

  7. Rick bryant

    Well, in approx 2 more years, the entire gold supply radioactivity will have worn off, had the bomb actually have gone off..

  8. Steve

    Its heartbreaking to see all those wonderful pics of old north Miami back in those days. YES, that KFC is the lone survivor of that shopping plaza as I also recall there was a Winn Dixie supermarket there and a Super X drugstore as well. Unfortunately, that neighborhood is now a depressed area. Maybe it will benefit from gentrification in the future, who knows? But now, I wouldn’t walk around there any time of the day or night .there,

  9. Ade s

    RIP Sean Connery. A great actor and a great man who never forgot who he was and where he came from – a working class man from Fountain Bridge, Edinburgh.

  10. Yojombo1989

    The set at the stud farm were Goldfinger talks to the organized crime guys and then gasses them is my favorite set in any movie. I remember seeing that on TV as a kid and thinking if I had unlimited money I’d build a house just like that.

  11. Angie Kirtley

    When I was in my teens I lived in a small village called George Green, Slough and I used to ride my horse round Black Park which was just up the road and Black Park backs on to Pinewood Studios. I think Pinewood Studios is now called something else. I actually watched some filming of Goldfinger through the fencing on a number of occasions. It was very exciting and I have always lived this Bond film best because I saw some being filmed.


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