Happy Gilmore (1996) Filming Locations

Location #1: Happy’s apartment building


101 East 7th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Location #2: Grandma’s house


1938 West 19th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Location #3: House under attack



Do you know where this scene was filmed? If you do, please email me at webmaster@themoviedistrict.com. Full credit will be given to you. Thank you.

Note from the Webmaster: Although this house is pictured as being located at the end of grandma’s street, it really isn’t, making it much harder to pinpoint.

Location #4: Silver Acres


2601 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Location #5: Driving Range – Waterbury

happygilmore05A happygilmore05B

Riverway Golf Course & Driving Range, Bill Fox Way, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

10 thoughts on “Happy Gilmore (1996) Filming Locations

  1. Andrew

    I have golfed Swanee several times, and the Waterbury Open doesn’t look like Swanee. The AT&T Open is 100% Swanee. I’m 90% certain the two tournaments were filmed at different locations.

  2. Lana Bill

    Is it entirely possible to determine what architect designed Happy Gilmore’s grandma’s house (located in Vancouver)? Would love to acquire a name & contact info. Truly, the house of my dreams!!

  3. wifferste

    Andrew is right. Parts of the Waterbury Open were not filmed at Swan-E-Set – the first and last holes were actually filmed at Riverway Golf Course in Burnaby but the middle ones appear to be Swan-E-Set though. I know because I recognize the clubhouse at Riverway on hole #1. 🙂
    Also, the scenes that were shot at Riverway include:

    – the driving range scenes with the 2 tiered tee off areas (see link below)
    – the first time he sees Shooter McGavin with the tour president
    – when he’s having lunch with coach after the 18th hole

    They actually shift between Riverway and Swan-E-Set during the Waterbury Open.


  4. Gerry

    I was in the golf business in the 90s when they were filming. I witnessed all the filming. The following golf courses where where it was filmed at;

    – swaneeset
    – riverway
    – peace portal
    – furry creek

    I thought I recognized point grey or shaughnessg but am not positive.



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