Harry and Tonto (1974) Filming Locations

Location #16: Sedona Inn Motel


Big Park, Arizona, United States

Location #17: Las Vegas — Stopping in front of the Golden Gate Casino

harryandtonto17A harryandtonto17B

At North Main Street & Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Location #18: Harry bumps into his son Eddie

harryandtonto18A harryandtonto18B

At 6724 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, United States

Location #19: Beach side


Near Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, California, United States

Location #20: Final sequence

harryandtonto20A harryandtonto20B

In Venice, Ocean Front Walk (at Dudley Avenue), Los Angeles, California, United States

6 thoughts on “Harry and Tonto (1974) Filming Locations

  1. Jose Binet

    Loved seeing this, I recognized the street scene on 111th street immediately, I grew up in 1970 on 110th st between Broadway and Amsterdam. Cool seeing how it looked back then.

    1. Steve

      My Father and his brothers used to own Duke’s Restaurant back then. Picture brought my father a lot of old memories !!

  2. Don

    Location 13 is the Altenheim nursing home in Forest Park Illinois, 7824 Madison St. It still looks more or less the same today as it did back in 1973 during filming. Also the scene where they are stopped at the railroad tracks in the car while the nephew? is playing the violin, shows Harrys Penny lounge and the bowling center as well as Hines lumber. All those businesses were on Madison st in Forest Park Il very near The Altenheim

  3. chris lunacek

    Film location #9 is located at 843 East Wilson street Batavia Illinois. I know this because I was in Batavia Junior High School when we were told they were filming a movie on the east side of town.

  4. chris lunacek

    I should also mention that the cemetery scene where Harry loses Tonto is in Elburn Illinois. It’s the Blackberry Township cemetery. The cemetery is at the corner of Keslinger road and Illinois route 47.


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