Hoosiers (1986) Filming Locations

Location #1: The bridge

On County Road 175 East, Crawfordsville, Indiana, United States

* Many thanks to Chad Smith from Coatesville, IN!

Location #2: Terhune Grain Corn

North 1000 East (near Harrison Street), Terhune, Indiana, United States

Location #3: Church by the road

Pittsboro Road & West 600 South, Lebanon, Indiana, United States

Note from the Webmaster: The church was burned down by a vandal in 1994.

Location #4: School

7544 Nineveh Road, Nineveh, Indiana, United States

Strangely enough, it was also a target of vandalism (a fire) in 1994. It was later demolished.

Location #5: Norman Dale’s home

North 400 West (right above West 500 North), Crawfordsville, Indiana, United States

3 thoughts on “Hoosiers (1986) Filming Locations

  1. Doug C

    The Hickory gym is located in Knightstown, IN and they also filmed the final game at Hinkle Fieldhouse at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN.


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