In Bruges (2008) Filming Locations

Location #1: Ray and Ken arrive in Bruges

inbruges01A inbruges01B

They can be seen walking on Wijngaardplein (near Begijnhof), Bruges, Belgium

Note from the Webmaster: Later in the movie, after Harry is seen passing the bridge, he is seen walking the exact same path.

Location #2: Boating

inbruges02A inbruges02B

Dijver Canal, Bruges, Belgium

Location #3: The tower

inbruges03A inbruges03B inbruges03C

Belfry of Bruges, Markt 7, Bruges, Belgium

Location #4: Sharing thoughts by the statue


Jan van Eyckplein, Bruges, Belgium

Location #5: Yuri’s place

inbruges06A inbruges06B

Spinolarei & Verversdijk, Bruges, Belgium

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