In Cold Blood (1967) Filming Locations

Location #1: The Clutter home


Near Oak Avenue in Holcomb, Kansas, United States

Location #2: Bus terminal


Pickwick Parking Garage, 307 East 9th Street, Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Location #3: Entering Edgerton


On East Nelson Street (near 5th Street), Edgerton, Kansas, United States

Location #4: Hotel Olathe


It used to stand at West Santa Fe Street & North Cherry Street, Olathe, Kansas, United States

Location #5: Emporia City Limits

incoldblood05A incoldblood05B

Roughly at U.S. 50 and North Peyton Street, Emporia, Kansas, United States

3 thoughts on “In Cold Blood (1967) Filming Locations

  1. Jeff Balaam

    I loved looking at all the locations where IN COLD BLOOD was shot. I am one of the very fortinate ones who has been in the Clutter Home….in April of 2013 I was invited to spend the afternoon there….I have been in every room and the basement. I even used the bathroom where the Clutters were held until Perry and Dick isolated them in seperate places in the house. I walked up and down the long elmed lined lane as the sun was going down. It was the most thrilling day of my life as I have been a fan of the film and book for over 50 years.

  2. Dana Holland

    Hi Jeff…… Very lucky for you to have seen the house and grounds. For years I have studied the movie (that was filmed on location) and every photo I could of the house, but I cannot figure out the area to the right of the side kitchen door entrance! I know that if you enter there that the kitchen is to the left, the staircase to the basement is straight ahead….Im assuming that the laundry room that one sees in the old photos is to the right and somehow that area leads to the main floor bath and the master bedroom but Im guessing that there may be a half bath and maybe a back door somewhere in there also? Ive never been able to find any photos of this area or a straight on shot of the back of the house. Could you explain this area to me? Thank you….

    1. Jeff S Balaam is quite a large room with a bathroom. I wish I could remember what they call the room but it is an area where the Clutters prepared for picnics and such and was used so you did not have to go into the kitchen….8 believe there was a washer and dryer and lots of cabinets. Sorry it has been nearly 10 years and I wish I had taken photos of the room so I could show you.


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