It Follows (2014) Filming Locations

Location #1: Annie’s house

1492 Yorkshire Road, Birmingham, Michigan, United States

* A contribution by Greg Mishevski!

Location #2: Redford Theater

17360 Lahser Road, Detroit, Michigan, United States

Location #3: The neighbor’s house

38748 Trafalgar Way, Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States

Location #4: Jay’s house

38721 Trafalgar Way, Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States

Location #5: Abandoned building

At 41001 West Seven Mile Road, Northville, Michigan, United States

3 thoughts on “It Follows (2014) Filming Locations

  1. Bob

    You missed the Packard plant in Detroit, that’s where Jeff first shows “It” to Jay. The building they were in isn’t easily visible on Street view anymore and was torn down over last winter, this is the correct building in this shot- they showed “it” coming towards the railroad track visible in the foreground. You can recognize the shape of the posts and whatnot visible but this image was taken unfortunately mid-demolition so where they were actually standing was already gone:

    The school she was in when It first comes after her as an elderly woman appeared to be one of the buildings at University of Detroit Mercy- I *believe* the engineering building but I’m not entirely sure.


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