It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) Filming Locations

Location #6: Down the ramp

itsamadmadmadmadworld07A itsamadmadmadmadworld07B

California Incline, Santa Monica, California, United States

Location #7: Santa Rosita Beach State Park


Peck Park, Los Angeles, California, United States

Location #8: The big “W”


5500 Palos Verdes Drive South, Rancho Palos Verdes, California, United States

Location #9: Driving by 3 houses


At Malibu Road & Bayshore Drive, Malibu, California, United States

Location #10: Capt. Culpepper stops at a garage


Near Lakeshore Court, Oxnard, California, United States

20 thoughts on “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) Filming Locations

  1. Doug

    Is location number 7 gone? My wife and I tried tracking it down today but can find no sign of it? Also the location of the big W is listed as being opened as a museum, but I’ve gotten no response to many many phone calls trying to arrange a visit. Any thoughts?

    1. Dave Blitz

      Unfortunately It’s a private residence and the owners got tired of requests to view the property. I wouldn’t hold my breath in getting a return call.

  2. ron

    when I visited there, I could not get in….there was no response from the owners whom a wrote a letter to.
    I had to use Google Earth and Street View to get details. See my Google albums iammmmw and Its A Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad World.
    Ron Kawal Google Photos.

  3. Dixie

    The spot I’d like to know about is the one where jimmy durrante “ goes sailing right off”. What highway and spot? Does anyone know?
    Greatest movie ever made!

    1. William Bloomhuff

      Highway 74 above Palm Desert California. in fact the first 40 minutes is shot on that road. I know this because I take it all the time and I live in Palm Desert

  4. antonio.b

    Does anyone know what that pink/cream building centered in the bottom photo of #14 is? The one at the intersection between East Ocean Boulevard and South Linden Avenue. I can’t find any info on it anywhere.


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