Looper (2012) Filming Locations

Location #1: Joe picks up Seth

At 422 Natchez Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Location #2: La Belle Aurore

219 South Rampart Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Location #3: Sara’s farm

Oakley Street, Napoleonville, Louisiana, United States

Location #4: The little boy’s house

At 413 Park Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States/span>

Location #5: Diner

On Highway 1010 (at Oakley Street), Napoleonville, Louisiana, United States

One thought on “Looper (2012) Filming Locations

  1. Mike Kelly

    The building where Joe dumps the body in the first few minutes was an old power plant in New Orleans previously known as Market Street Power Plant.
    I worked there in 2008 after a developer purchased it with plans to turn it into condos. We were doing the interior demolition. The plans fell through.

    The address I had there for the job site was:

    1600 South Peters Street
    New Orleans, LA

    The site has been used for numerous films.
    Google maps link is:



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