Mad Max (1979) Filming Locations

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Location #1: Fat Nancy’s


At 795 Northern Highway, Wallan, Victoria, Australia

Location #2: The bridge


Kororoit Creek Road Bridge, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Location #3: The car driving on


Cherry Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Location #4: Max’s house


310 Great Ocean Road, Fairhaven, Victoria, Australia

Location #5: Riding into town

madmax05A madmax05B

Fraser Street, Clunes, Victoria, Australia

12 thoughts on “Mad Max (1979) Filming Locations

  1. Jason Tulloch

    I think another location is Jacksons Rd Noble Park where there is a car chase and the “Noyes” factory in the background. Is this correct?

  2. shane hedger

    hi ,just wondering if any filming at all was done in the central highlands of tasmania.the very last scene where max rides away after handcuffing the guy to the car,looks very much like the lyell highway just out of bronte park heading towards derwent bridge,there is a single lane bridge that he crosses that looks very similar.
    regards shane hedger

    1. Liam

      Hi Shane. I thought the exact same thing, travelled it many times when I lived on the West Coast. I looked into it and it’s actually the Emu Creek Bridge in Victoria sonewhere.

  3. Rhett Corbett

    Can’t wait to visit these locations again for MM 40th Anni The Search for Max. Been to a few tours, Johnny the Boy & Toecutter Diehard Tours. And catch up with fellow Maxers Peter’s Robinson, Peter Afford & Ray The Nightrider. It’s gonna b huge. And a big MAX THNX to South of Heaven MC Club & MFP Garage & all others that help organise this event.Once in a lifetime not to b missed. Will b there with my mate in his XB Hardtop 393 Stroker,640 HP at the wheels, Alloy Heads. No Phase 4 Heads, Nitrous or twin overhead cams. Lol. But it is the Ducks Guts. Bring it on.

  4. Daniel

    Location #16
    you forgot to mention the underground car park where the black car with blower was kept and where they kept the MFP patrol cars,

    Watch the movie to that point freeze the Scene (pause) and google Melbourne University Car park.

  5. Rene

    The scene where Max and Jesse’s dog find Candilainy’s hand attached to the car is at the Yarra river at the end of Reserve road, Wonga Park


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