Midnight Cowboy (1969) Filming Locations

Location #16: Rico stealing food from the market

midnightcowboy20A midnightcowboy20B

At 9th Avenue & West 39th Street, Manhattan, New York, United States

* Special thanks to John Sentz for uncovering the truth!

Location #17: Hat store



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Location #18: “The Perfect Gentleman” Escort Service

midnightcowboy22A midnightcowboy22B

22 East 66th Street, Manhattan, New York, United States

Location #19: Barclay Hotel For Women


700 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York, United States

Location #20: Pawn Shop

605 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan, New York, United States

* Another contribution by Chung Wong!

27 thoughts on “Midnight Cowboy (1969) Filming Locations

  1. Chung Wong

    The pawn shop showing the Medici symbol is at 605 Amsterdam. The building is gone. But the building at 610 Amsterdam in the reflection is still there.

        1. John Haughey

          IThe bar was actually called Club 45 on W 45th St (Not sure of the exact address) a lot of actors and broadway people would hang out there.

          1. Ed

            I do not think it was. No google exists of it. No “old guides” exist of it. No mention of it whatsoever

          2. Dan

            Would have to be closer to the ” I’m walkin here scene” on 58th and 6th. The greek mythology symbols above the bar should give it away?

          3. Julianne Sudbrink

            It was the bar on w 45th.. I was in there drinking ..as I spoke to the bartender somehow I mentioned that the place looked just liked the bar in the movie. She was boasting and happy to say that was the bar. I don’t think its there anymore, but it was on w 45 the on the right hand side of the street as soon as you turned in from Broadway

          4. John Haughey

            It is confirmed it was Club 45 at 150 W. 45th St. There is a quick scene in the film that shows the bartender putting the cash away in the register and you can see the name Club 45 underneath the register. it was across from the Lyceum Theater.

    1. Ed

      I do not think the bar was Club 45. No Google images of it. No google history of it. I think Club 45 is made up, to be honest. Does not exist. Try again. The bar where Joe meets Ratso. Where? I am wonderint if it was at the studio.

  2. Bill Harman

    John Haughey, The dates on our post indicate your post was here before I posted but I don’t guess I saw it. We want to thank you, e and my buddy have spent 50 years trying to remember “Club45”, most likely didn’t help we usually tipped a few there.
    Thank you very much, a 50 year mystery solved for me. Bill Harman

  3. Mark Phillips

    Note: the scene in front of Colony Records was filmed, if I’m not mistaken, at it’s original location at 52nd and Broadway. I believe they moved down to 1619 Broadway in 1970.

  4. Jonathan nelson

    It’s amazing to see these places. This movie had such incredible shot location s. Each one unique and in 3 states at least. Thank you!

  5. Jonathan nelson

    I love seeing smaller towns across America like Big Sring tx in the 40s, 50s, aND 60s. It’s before the big highways came along. Also before the huge super stores took over. It’s gone now and the 60’s was the tail end of these times. Little main street shops and locals all walking around.

  6. Kamal Ahmed

    You got the wrong address for COLONY RECORDS. The one in Midnight Cowboy Was the original location on W.52st. The one you mention opened in 1970.

  7. Chung Wong

    The bottom photo when they turn the corner from the fruit market at 9th Ave and 39th St is actually 38th St (one block south). The buildings past the empty lot are still there. Heading east.

  8. Chung Wong

    I think i figured out the 267 address for the hat shop as 267 W 30th St. Here’s why. Peter Zamagias was the hat shop owner (IMDB). He’s Greek, and NYC’s Greektown was still active 1940-1967, centred at 8th Ave and 29th St. “267” fits the geography. The big clue in the film is the building visible across from it which you can see in Midnight Cowboy (not posted in your feed). It has a unique facade pattern by the windows. If you look across from 267 W 30th St, the pattern matches by the windows in the movie https://goo.gl/maps/4cA3nnitZAxwtL4r6 The storefronts at 267 W 30th St have since been covered up but if you look at 1940 tax photos, you can see there were storefronts left of 265 W 30th St. I cannot fully confirm it, because both 267 and 265 changed in details since 1940. But the layouts are similar.

  9. Chung Wong

    Enlarge this 1940 NYC tax photo for 402 8th Ave. The store at the far right of the building is 267 W 30th St and matches the hat shop layout http://tinyurl.com/wmn4cdn8 It’s since been covered up. As noted in prior comment, the building facade pattern at 402 8th Ave across 267 W 30th St, around the windows, matches what we see in the film .


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