Modern Times (1936) Filming Locations

Location #1: Following the lady

moderntimes01A moderntimes01B

Center Street & Jackson Street, Los Angeles, California, United States

Location #2: Communist demonstration / Police Station / The gamin is arrested

moderntimes02A moderntimes02B moderntimes05

This is a studio backlot / movie set

Note from the Webmaster: The harbor that can be seen in the background in some scenes is not fake. In fact, the set was built near the San Pedro Harbor.

Location #3: The gamin steals food  / The Tramp starts a new job

moderntimes03 moderntimes04

Near San Pedro Harbor, Los Angeles, California, United States

Location #4: The Tramp and the gamin run away

moderntimes06A moderntimes06B

Sawtelle Boulevard & Massachusetts Avenue, Los Angeles, California, United States

Location #5: Daydreaming


10858 Bluffside Drive, Los Angeles, California, United States

5 thoughts on “Modern Times (1936) Filming Locations

  1. Otis Criblecoblis

    This is a marvelous site. It’s a fantastic idea, well done, and it provides a real service.

    One thing about the last location: When you say “Antelope Valley Freeway,” I think you must mean Sierra Highway, which follows a parallel route and has been in existence for a long time. The Antelope Valley Freeway wasn’t opened until the Seventies.

    I believe that Sierra Highway was California Route 14 before the freeway was opened.

    1. admin Post author

      My bad, you’re totally right. This one must’ve slipped through the cracks. Going to fix this right away.

  2. Geoff W

    What a wonderful site!! Thank you for your incredible efforts.

    A question…at the end of Modern Times, at “Dawn”, just before The Tramp and Ellen set off for their famous final walk down the Sierra Hwy, there is an establishing shot than pans across what I assume to be nearby hills. Do you happen to know this location?

  3. Brandon

    The scene at the end of Modern Times was filmed on Pearblossom Highway just off the current route of the 14 Freeway, as far as I always understood. So it wouldn’t be far from the junction of the Old Sierra Highway 14 and Pearblossom.

  4. jsm1963

    It would be great if we could pin point exactly where in the harbor those scenes were shot, if it still exists. A lot of development down there over the years.


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