October Sky (1999) Filming Locations

Location #1: Olga Coal Company

430 Knox Street, Oliver Springs, Tennessee, United States

Location #2: The family home

306 Main Street, Petros, Tennessee, United States

Location #3: Cape Coalwood

In Wartburg, Tennessee, United States

Location #4: Cabin


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Location #5: John picks up Homer at the police station

At 601 Walden Avenue, Harriman, Tennessee, United States

One thought on “October Sky (1999) Filming Locations

  1. william forren

    When on Google Street view, if you pan just to the left of the Olga building, you can see the railroad crossing the steam engine train is crossing at the beginning of the movie. Also at the beginning of the movie when the store owner and older men are listening to the radio, if you look over their shoulder and through the window, those buildings are across the street from the Olga Building..


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