Office Space (1999) Filming Locations

Location #1: Initec


4120 Freidrich Lane, Austin, Texas, United States

Location #2: Peter’s apartment complex


11511 Metric Boulevard, Austin, Texas, United States

Location #3: Hypnotherapist


1010 West Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Austin, Texas, United States

A contribution by Justin Yandell!

Location #4: Chotchkie’s


9739 Great Hills Trail, Austin, Texas, United States

Location #5: Flinger’s


9901 North Capital of Texas Highway #300, Austin, Texas, United States

* A contribution by Stacey ?

13 thoughts on “Office Space (1999) Filming Locations

  1. Hornsfan

    The location of Chotchkies is not accurate. That was filmed at what was the old alligator Grill on South Lamar. It’s now a Kerbey Ln., Café

    1. Pumpkinhead

      No, the INTERIOR of Chotchkies was the old Alligator Grill. The EXTERIOR was the Chase Bank by the Arboretum.

    1. Keith

      Actually it wasn’t. There is a very brief view of what maybe I-635, but the actual road where they go stop and go was on Braker Lane in N Austin.

  2. joe

    I was living at the amli great hills on 10610 Morado Cir where I saw them film exterior shots – so they did no internal shots there?

    1. Brent

      I lived in Amli in Great Hills right after they filmed it. It was apt 222 and they did a couple of the shots indoors and the exterior shots too between my apt and the neighbors

      1. Jacy

        I always watched this movie, swearing that it was filmed at the apartment complex I lived in back in the mid 1990s. It turns out that I was right, based on the comments above!

  3. Rich Werner

    The final scene is not in Key West, but off the coast on an Island called Sunset Key. It is a very expensive private resort, but one of the best places in Key West to get a great dinner.

  4. Dana

    Yes initial shot was 635 and that would make sense because it was said to be filmed in Dallas and Austin and so far all these locations are in Austin. Wondering about the house scene too for the bbq


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