Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) Filming Locations

Location #1: Opening scene — The station

onceuponatimeinthewest01A onceuponatimeinthewest01B

North of La Calahorra, Granada, Spain

Location #2: Brett McBain’s farm


Southwest of Tabernas, Almería, Spain

Location #3: Flagstone (and the train station)

onceuponatimeinthewest03A onceuponatimeinthewest03B

East of Alcudia de Guadix, La Calahorra, Almería, Spain

Location #4: On the way to McBain’s farm / The arch

onceuponatimeinthewest04A onceuponatimeinthewest04B onceuponatimeinthewest05

Monument Valley, Utah, United States

Location #5: Frank and Morton (camp)

onceuponatimeinthewest07A onceuponatimeinthewest07B


Do you know where this scene was filmed? If you do, please email me at webmaster@themoviedistrict.com. Full credit will be given to you. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) Filming Locations

  1. Diane North

    Possibly Mesa Verde National Park near Cortez, Colorado….(bluff dwellings)…and maybe Pariah Utah…near Kanab

  2. Keith Brown

    The ending credits thank the Navaho nation for the use of their territories in Utah and Arizona. I would expect some of those scenes were filmed there as well.
    Just wish the shootout at the train with Frank and Cheyenne’s men wasn’t cut from the film (where Cheyenne caught a bullet from “Mr. Choo Choo”). With Sergio’s attention to detail, I can’t imagine he just left that scene up to our imagination. Lost scene left on the cutting room floor?

    1. Stu Forman

      I think that Sergio wanted to keep it a secret that Cheyenne was shot by Morgan so that when he showed up for coffee with Jill at the end it left the viewer thinking maybe there was a future for Cheyenne and Jill at Sweet water

    2. Billy boy 68

      There’s a version where they leave the entire shootout and shows Charles Bronson take a bullet to the shoulder

  3. Michael

    Grand Canyon along the Colorado River my father was a Choreographer I visited the site as a child while filming while he claimed to have no direct role he told me as we visited they meaning Paromount were filming a Hit Spaghetti Western.

  4. Patrick Thompson

    that unknown scene looked like a place that I have hiked into called “Keet Steel” in Navajo Nat. Monument. You have to get advanced permission to hike in this private land and the hike is like 18 miles one way. What a well – kept secret, as few people probably know about this.


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