Paper Moon (1973) Filming Locations

Location #11: The girls are picked up in front of the Post Office


At Chicago Street & Market Street, Gorham, Kansas, United States

Location #12: Hotel


It once stood at Main Street & Maple Avenue, McCracken, Kansas, United States

Location #13: Doniphan County Sheriff’s Dept.


On Main Street in White Cloud, Kansas, United States

Location #14: House of the brothers



Do you know where this scene was filmed? If you do, please email me at Full credit will be given to you. Thank you.

Location #15: Crossing the bridge


In Rulo, Nebraska, United States

22 thoughts on “Paper Moon (1973) Filming Locations

  1. Jamie Malone

    Location #10, is near the very beginning of the movie when the woman was talking about “bone structure”. She then referenced the bone structure of the Cadillac in the picture. The 1936 Cadillac belonged to my dad, Don Butcher of Hays.
    The location was on the first block west of Main Street on 10th in Hays where steps take you from the sidewalk to the street.
    At the time, Schlegals Hobby Shop & a doctors office was located in that block.

    1. John D. Feldt

      Wlmer Schoenberger of Hays ks, while working at Gagelman Ford body shop in Hays , Painted the 36 cadillac for Don Butcher and it may of been for getting ready for the movie.

  2. David DeArmond

    Yes, I do know where those unknown locations are. In fact I’ve found about fifty locations for Paper Moon. The only significant ones I have not found are the ones where 1. Chased by the deputies, Moses and Addie are stopped by a tractor pulling an impliment and Moses drives up on an embankment to pass. 2. In the next shot Moses drives around a turn, skids to a stop, reverses and drives up a narrow lane cut through a treed embankment. (Then the movie goes on to the wrestling/car swap scenes).
    I’d like to find either of these car chase scenes. Either would lead to the other.

  3. Lisa Chrisler VanHorn

    Location #21 was a house in Ellis County on River Road. They fixed it up on the outside for the filming. It’s no longer there. I remember going there to watch filming. The ladies that lived around there made the crew a homemade meal. I’m getting more information but as I recall it was fried chicken and homemade bread and potato salad.

    1. Sharon Koontz

      where was it located? My son-in-law’s grandfather played the sheriff’s deputy that lived there and came to the door as they were trying to con his wife. All of us in the family would like to know more about him and the scene. His last name was Reed, and he was from Lawrence at the time.

    2. Lionel Reilly

      Location #5 is in Dorrance. It was my parents home and have many photos from the filming. I believe the woman who answered the door was a Mrs. Huff. She paid $24 for her bible. In the film the previous stop to sell a bible was to a widowed woman with a large family. That frame home belonged to my grandparents also located in Dorrance. This family was given a free bible. Doubling Mrs. Huff’s bible cost along with the free bible kept their $12 average. Very clever.

      I still own the home in Location #5 which was built in the fall of 1910.

      1. Jan Hopkins

        Hi Lionel,
        Location 5 is actually my Grandmother Mahoney’s house which is south of the Catholic church at 913 Lincoln. Although the oval window in both front doors are alike the location of the front porch window in the movie and the ones on your family home are different, as well as the curve of the porch which is missing in the picture.
        I have always admired your family home and you have kept it in good repair. Unfortunately Grandmother Mahoney’s home has fallen on hard times.
        We recently taped the movie and will watch to see if your house was used as well.

  4. Shawn Hewitt

    I’d like to know where the closing scene was filmed. Presumably its near Location #21, but where? That was quite a vista — does it look the same today?

      1. Lori Benedick

        Do you if the house is still there? I know I went there in my teens and I’m now 44.i can’t remember how to get there anymore. Lol

        1. David DeArmond

          No, the house and its fence have been torn down. Today the lot is used to store round bales. You can still find evidence of the foundation if you search for them.

    1. David DeArmond

      One of the best known locations; it looks much the same however a power line crosses in the distance and the hill top at the road side has been dug away a bit to provide stone for construction.

    2. Alex Begler

      It’s called King Hill and is located along Codell Road north of the Saline River Road. The top of the hill where it was filmed from is right on the Ellis / Rooks County line. I’ve visited this location a few times recently and got some pictures with my Model A’s driving down the hill.

    3. Cristina

      I am looking for the location of the bank clock when they say meet me a specific time and they show a 4 dial McClintock bank clock – would love to know if anyone knew of the location thanks in advance


        The actual clock has survived although a bit changed. It can be seen on the NW corner of N 5th and Francis St., St. Joe, at the US Bank. Enjoy !

  5. John Goldsberry

    Mt father ran an office supply company just out of frame on the left of the Missouri Valley Trust Company (which had no working phones). While filming there, Peter Bogdanovich used my fathers as an office to phone back and forth to Hollywood. He asked my name and shook my hand, and I got to spend the day watching them shoot the scenes. When you see Tatum walk down that street in her thin cotton dress, know that it is in reality about 38 degrees outside. She never even flinched. When Peter yelled cut, she slumped down and the crew rushed over to cover her with coats and take her inside to the heat. I would never doubt her dedication as an actor. Also just to the right of where Ryan is standing, is the stairwell where Addie finds him after he is beaten. The city was in the midst of tearing down much of the old downtown which left the film crew a lot of leeway. When the sun was reflecting off a window of the old eight-story Noma Light building, the sent a crewman up the old iron spiral emergency stairs on the outside of the structure with a hammer to just break out the glass.

  6. Fred Borns

    The Rulo Bridge featured in “Paper Moon” on Highway 159 over the Missouri River was dedicated in 1939. My mother, Mary Dean Holmes-Borns was part of the dedication as she rode a Missouri mule from Holt County Missouri to Rulo Nebraska.

    1. Frank J Nedrow

      I have ridden across that bridge at Rulo, NE to Missouri many times with my motorcycle friend Carl Root from St. Joseph, Mo from 1970 to 2006. It’s a scary bridge that comes to a point in the middle and the frame looks like it could collapse at anytime. The bridge is not in Kansas. I’m watching Paper Moon right now 7/28/21. Great memories! What a classic black & white movie.

  7. Eddie Sotto

    Since there are two locations cited in the comments for #5, I did my own investigating. If you watch the film and look at the shot of the street itself with the car approaching, you have a cross street, 4 trees on the left (existing) and a Quonset hut at the end of the street that match. Also, if you look at the home across the street from the location which does still exist, it’s in the reverse shot of Tatum in the car and also matches. The other home on Coleman is close visually in some ways but there are issues with windows not matching in locations. So to me, the evidence supports the 913 Lincoln address makes the most sense and matches in context.


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