Picnic (1956) Filming Locations

Location #1: The family home

211 South Nickerson Street, Nickerson, Kansas, United States

Location #2: Alan’s house

417 East Country Club Road, Salina, Kansas, United States

Location #3: Grain Elevator

309 North Halstead Street, Hutchinson, Kansas, United States

Location #4: The Lake

Sterling Lake, Sterling, Kansas, United States

Location #5: The Picnic

Riverside Park, KS-89, Halstead, Kansas, United States

One thought on “Picnic (1956) Filming Locations

  1. Nazhat Parveen Sharma. ( used to be RIZVI )

    I visited Sterling as a student on a student delegation called Experiment in International Living “
    I stayed with the family of the Mayor of Sterling. Mary and
    Mr Huttons who had three kids: Charlie , Joe and a girl
    I remember my first Fourth of July Picnic I celebrated
    By the Sterling Lake.
    I doubt if anyone would remember the two girls from India
    Way back in the summer of 1963!!!
    I would love to get their news – or anyone who was there at that time.
    I am an Ophthalmologist in California now.
    Please call if anyone remembers.


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