Picnic (1956) Filming Locations

Location #6: Elementary School

Though the old school was razed long ago, it stood at 305 South Nickerson Street, Nickerson, Kansas, United States

One thought on “Picnic (1956) Filming Locations

  1. Nazhat Parveen Sharma. ( used to be RIZVI )

    I visited Sterling as a student on a student delegation called Experiment in International Living “
    I stayed with the family of the Mayor of Sterling. Mary and
    Mr Huttons who had three kids: Charlie , Joe and a girl
    I remember my first Fourth of July Picnic I celebrated
    By the Sterling Lake.
    I doubt if anyone would remember the two girls from India
    Way back in the summer of 1963!!!
    I would love to get their news – or anyone who was there at that time.
    I am an Ophthalmologist in California now.
    Please call if anyone remembers.


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