Rain Man (1988) Filming Locations

Location #6: First night at the hotel


400 Oak Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Location #7: Restaurant and toothpicks


600 Washington Avenue, Newport, Kentucky, United States

Location #8: Charlie and Raymond on the road


Columbia Parkway (towards Delta Avenue), Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Location #9: Staying at a hotel for the night


18149 U.S. 52, Metamora, Indiana, United States

Location #10: Exteriors


West Oklahoma Avenue (towards South 2nd Street), Guthrie, Oklahoma, United States

6 thoughts on “Rain Man (1988) Filming Locations

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  2. john

    the fart scene in phone booth was improvised
    dustin passed gas and went with it and tom followed along and it was so funny they kept it in the movie


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