Road to Perdition (2002) Filming Locations

Location #16: Michael Sr. makes his way to


227 West State Street, Geneva, Illinois, United States

Location #17: Country house

roadtoperdition19A roadtoperdition19B

South Ridgeland Avenue (north of West Beecher Road), Peotone, Illinois, United States

Location #18: Going home, by the beach

roadtoperdition20B roadtoperdition20C

Port Sheldon Beach, Michigan, United States

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4 thoughts on “Road to Perdition (2002) Filming Locations

  1. Alan

    I was on site during the Momence filming. They used 2 banks at the same intersection, repeatedly redecorated for several banks within the film. They also repainted / installed different signs along the same main intersection for about a block in each direction. Digital effects created a fictitious T intersection based on these re-imaged buildings. Some of the signs and props were forwards while others had their signs and props (canned goods for example) in mirror image, so when they flipped the film everything looked normal. Yes, some scenes were filmed in mirror image.

    And for the record, Tom Hanks was very personable.

  2. Ryan

    The Englewood Diner was placed just North of Plattville Rd on Church Rd outside Plattville, Illinois. It was neat to get pictures on the set before it was removed and turned back into farm field.

  3. Homer Hornsby

    The filming for the beach scene at the start of the movie and the beach house at the end was done at Olive Shores Park. This park is part of the Ottawa County park system and is located about halfway between Holland and Grand Haven.

  4. John

    I knew 2 sets of families that lived in the “Country House.” I played at that house when I was younger. It burned down a few years after the filming.


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