Scarecrow (1973) Filming Locations

Location #1: The Hobo Jungle


In Gypsum, Colorado, United States

* Special thanks to Mark Dwyer!

Location #2: Coley’s house


At 4256 Elati Street, Denver, Colorado, United States

Note from the Webmaster: It has been torn down a few years ago.

Location #3: They stop the car at


At 513 Main Street, Cañon City, Colorado, United States

Location #4: Turk’s Supper Club


At 539 West 43rd Avenue, Denver, Colorado, United States

Location #5: Prison grounds

scarecrow05A scarecrow05B

Colorado State Penitentiary, Evans Road, Cañon City, Colorado, United States

10 thoughts on “Scarecrow (1973) Filming Locations

  1. MrLocation

    I’m going mad because I can’t work out where the first scenes were filmed at the beginning when they first meet whilst hitchhiking. Does anyone know? It looks like northern California because the scenery is similar to that in Dirty Mary Crazy Larry.

    Thanks for any help.

    1. Roy

      I live in Ojai, Ca. and ride motorcycles on many backroads and I have been on that road. It has to be somewhere north of Ojai I can’t forget those rocks coming out of the ground. I hope when I am on that road again I will remember this movie. Kern or SLO county.

  2. Philip Bailey

    It WAS California, but that’s as specific as I can be. There’s a podcast episode of The Projection Booth on iTunes dedicated to Scarecrow, provides some great info. Interviews with dir. Schatzberg and writer Garry Michael White.

    Regards P R B.

  3. PaulH

    Found the opening road location. It’s Garces Highway (CA-155), with the exact location being at 35.7411702, -118.8717478.


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