Something Wild (1986) Filming Locations

Location #21: Searching for Audrey in NY


519 East 11th Street, Manhattan, New York, United States

Location #22: Searching for Audrey in NY (alley)

somethingwild23A somethingwild23B somethingwild23C

At Franklin Place, Manhattan, New York, United States

2 thoughts on “Something Wild (1986) Filming Locations

  1. Tycee Grice

    We were contacted to build a metal insert piece for the screen door at the Milton Street scene. Our son, Keith Grice built and installed it.

  2. JamesDG

    Very nice job chasing these locales down. I saw this movie in the 80s and was confused by some of the road trip chronology. They seemed to go from NYC to NY to PA, but then crossed into VA for some reason, a state I am very familiar with. I noticed the small things like the “Virginia is for Lovers” shirts and even the Northern VA roadmaps ( from the old and very real Alexandria Drafting Company) at the gas station. Still I could not place the location of the state line crossing. Now after a freeze frame and a web search of Auntie El’s, I can see with an added “Welcome to Virginia” sign, the Hudson Valley in NY subbed for VA. Curiously, the VA gear in the gas station is prior to the crossing of the state line. Fun little movie, though it lost energy toward the end and the trip route is still off!


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