SPAM (and the likes)

So I’ve noticed over time that a considerable percentage of my inbox is filled with stuff that is either clearly spam, or other content that is somewhat ambiguous. Whether these messages were sent to a random list of a million email adresses or not (and I suspect this has not always been the case), I have had offers by many people to “optimize” my site for a fee.

To those concerned, hear me out: First part is: Although I do appreciate the offer, this site is far from generating enough revenue to consider investing in such a thing.

Secondly, I am heading towards a coding/web developing career. When I first registered the site’s domain name and started building what you now see, I (naively) believed it would be as simple to set up as one of those old free webhosting companies (*cough* Tripod *cough* Angelfire *cough* *cough*). As you would expect, I initially bumped into a wall. Later found a compromise in WordPress who was a lot of help. If I had to start all over again, I’d probably build it from scratch instead. So, in short, if major changes are ever happening on (until further notice), I’ll take care of it myself.

Thank you.

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  1. David Burton

    The graveyard scene where Alvin Straight and the preacher are at is I think in Mt Zion, Wisconson at Circle Drive and County Rd. W. Look on Google Earth.


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