Spotlight (2015) Filming Locations

Location #1: Police station, 1976


209 Mavety Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Location #2: The Boston Globe


135 William T. Morrissey Boulevard, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Location #3: Baseball game


Fenway Park, 4 Yawkey Way, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Location #4: Golf round


Scarboro Golf and Country Club, Scarborough Golf Club Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Location #5: Matt’s house


45 Martin Street, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

* A contribution by Marcel Jacobi!

4 thoughts on “Spotlight (2015) Filming Locations

  1. John R Done

    the first give away that the film was largely made in canada was the scene in stanley tucci’s law office. I immediately saw that teh law reports included the Dominion Law Reports, an unlikely find in an American law office!

  2. Reese Caplan

    There is an early scene where Sasha visitsher Nana for a meal . This is on N St just north of East Eigth St in South Boston.

    1. Mick

      I checked Google Maps, satellite street view for Nana’s house and it does not appear to be on N St just north of East Eigth St in Southie. The street looks like it’s on a hill in the movie and none of the buildings match up. Sure there could have been some neighborhood change (from 2001 to 2018) but not every building on a specific street. Also, the American flag in the scene is perhaps a clue they were trying too hard to convince the audience it was in the U.S. and put in an Eight St. sign. There also is no stop sign at that intersection, rather a do not enter. Also the water seems more like a river than a bay in the background and there is at least one big building on the opposite shore. That background also doesn’t match the N St location. I’m guessing the quick establishing shot was done somewere in Canada? It’s a fun detective game to find out where. Anyone up for the challenge?

  3. William knox

    It’s H st South Boston , ma. The Shamrock pub is on corner of H and E 8th. Its shown in the clip.


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