Taxi Driver (1976) Filming Locations

Location #21: Palantine’s speech


Columbus Circle, Manhattan, New York, United States

Location #22: St. Regis Sheraton


2 East 55th Street, Manhattan, New York, United States

Location #23: Travis drops Betsy home



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5 thoughts on “Taxi Driver (1976) Filming Locations

  1. Danny

    The “you must think i’m pretty sick” scene was filmed in the exact same spot where the politician parks his car in the movie Scarface. 41st St. and Tudor City Pl.

  2. A.

    Sport’s doorway on East 13th, nextdoor to the ‘Rooms’ – visited that location last time I was in the city. Watching Who’s That Knocking At My Door just now, I recognized it almost immediately. In two scenes, Keitel’s character appears to live there. Same location and actor in two films, dont wanna read too much into it but that had to be deliberate.


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