The Dead Zone (1983) Filming Locations

Location #1: Elementary School


Summitview Public School, 6551 Main Street, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

Location #2: The Roller Coaster


Canada’s Wonderland, 1 Canada’s Wonderland Drive, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

Location #3: Sarah’s place


At the corner of Whitevale Road & Gladstone Street, Whitevale, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

* A contribution by Clayton!

Location #4: The Weizak Clinic


Randwood Estate at 176 John Street East, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

Location #5: House in the woods



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26 thoughts on “The Dead Zone (1983) Filming Locations

  1. brian hansen

    the roller coaster scene was NOT shot at Canada’s Wonderland as it didn’t exist in. ’83. it was shot at The Canadian National Exhibition, in downtown Toronto. The rollercoaster was called ‘The Flyer’ which was torn down in the early 2000s.

    1. Mike

      You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Downtown Toronto? The Ex? Seriously? You couldn’t find The Ex on a map let alone Canada’s Wonderland, which is where the scene was filmed. That coaster is the Ghoster Coaster at Wonderland. Get a clue.

      1. Jason

        Canada’s Wonderland was officially opened on May 23, 1981 by then Premier of Ontario, William Davis, during a spectacular ceremony that included 10,000 helium balloons, 13 parachutists, 350 white doves, a pipe band, special guest Wayne Gretzky, and four children representing the Arctic, Pacific, Atlantic, and Great Lakes regions of Canada.

      1. Valerie

        You shot it? Cool. I used to work as a maid at the Queen Street house (Roger Stuarts house) in early 2000s when I was a teenager. It was a bed and breakfast called lake winds and the owners names were Jane and Steven Locke. I’m pretty sure they owned it when this movie was filmed and I’m pretty sure they still own it today. I loved the house so much. I got to stay there for weeks at a time when they would go on vacation and I would have to be there full time.

    2. John

      The flyer was white in colour. Take a look at the background footage of the Great Canadian Mind Buster. Notice the fields

  2. Craig

    100% sure the roller coaster is Canada’s Wonderland. The park opened in 1981 ( not ’83). The setting is too rural to be the CNE and looks nothing like The Flyer (it’s actually The Ghoster Coaster at the edge of the park). There is even one brief frame that shows the iconic mountain at the park’s center.

    1. Alexandre L., Webmaster Post author

      That’s funny, I assumed it was a given that it wasn’t Canada’s Wonderland if it didn’t exist at the time, but never bothered looking it up. Yes, indeed, 1981.

  3. Seerak

    That #10 really looks like Lakewinds Country Manor, the railing details etc. and paint colors are right, but I’m not sure what angle they shot from. The driveway in google maps overhead suggests they shot from the driveway entrance on Queen Street, but you can see that angle on street view (looking SW from Queen Street) and the house massing isn’t right, and the sunlight would only shine like that in spring/fall/summer. They might have shot from the west corner of the property looking the other way, northeast down the driveway towards Queen Street; that is consistent with the sunlight angle in your framegrab being around 9-10AM in the winter, but there’s no street view that confirms it.

    1. Seerak

      Never mind, I think it’s 284 Queen Street. This house has the same detailing as Lakewinds, but from what I can see in the Streetview images through the foliage off Butler St., it has the correct orientation and massing, including the chimney at the center, the covered porch and the rooftop deck. There is a three-car garage/carriage house where there might have been that driveway in 1983. You’ll want the April 2014 images, the rest were shot in summer and you can’t see a thing.

        1. valerie

          It was filmed at Lakewinds 100 percent. I worked there and was good friends with the owners and have seen evidence of the filming and autographs.

      1. Valerie

        It was lakewinds. I worked at lakewinds in early 2000s as a maid and the owners Jane and Steven Locke showed me the autographs and pictures and stuff from when they filmed there.

  4. wtf am i doing

    not sure but roger’s house looks like kevin keely’s house (the birdcage?)

    could be wrong but instigating more participation.

    will watch movies again, again and then some.

  5. Joel

    Any idea where the opening title images/photos were taken? I’ve always wondered. Such an amazing opening title sequence.

  6. Delta

    I always thought the roller coaster scene was done at crystal beach. The park (now gone) was roughly in the same area. Live and learn I guess 😋

  7. Rose Ellen Campbell

    The gazebo scene is also in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario and was built for the movie and left for the town. It has become a local landmark. Also, the assassination attempt was filmed at the local courthouse there as well, I believe.

  8. John Purtill

    I was the rides maintenance millwright that looked after the coaster in question on that day .
    It was Canadas Wonderland and it was the Ghoster Coaster with ‘ Mac Tac” covering the original colour.
    Which was peeled off when the job was finished.

    1. Cameron

      Frank you just might be my new best friend
      Where is this House/ farm . They used it in the TV show Coroner and Schitts Creek


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