The Deer Hunter (1978) Filming Locations

Location #1: Truck rolling in the night

thedeerhunter02A thedeerhunter02B

Commercial Street, Mingo Junction, Ohio, United States

Location #2: Outside the mill


Near Commercial Street, Mingo Junction, Ohio, United States

Location #3: Angela’s house


1 Ayers Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

* A contribution by Ashley Czerniewski!

Location #4: Welsh’s Lounge


Commercial Avenue & State Street, Mingo Junction, Ohio, United States

Location #5: Eagle Super Market

thedeerhunter07A thedeerhunter07B thedeerhunter07C

At 761 Starkweather Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, United States

20 thoughts on “The Deer Hunter (1978) Filming Locations

      1. Darrell Damianos

        Yes a little clairton cemetary across from new sewage plant now up on a hillman in the movie. Rite before the mill on left

  1. Scott Allen

    It’s all about the final effect for movie viewers and this one was well assimilated and edited. It captured the images, feel and backgrounds of many steelmaking communities and blended them together with great, final results.

    1. Welsh's Bar

      I grew up in Mingo Junction, Ohio and what they captured was not the image they presented. Hollywood made us look like a bunch of drunken idiots, and because they don’t live here they portray many communities in ways that are nothing like they are in reality. Our leaders should have looked at Hollywood and stipulated we were portrayed as the decent people we are. The Deer Hunter was only one of about 4 to 5 movies filmed here and each one had us looking like drunken bums. It is not who we are and outside of this I do think The Deer Hunter was a good movie

  2. john

    I worked in the mill used in the Deer Hunter. It was originally Wheeling Steel. It then became Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel.

  3. Gary Deshotel

    where was the exterior of the welshes bar??? I heard the interior was filmed in mingo junction. Ann body know the physical address to the bar are cross streets?? I head the cemetary scene was filmed in mckeesport,pa

  4. George Hermann

    Boy am I stupid. When the movie was being filmed I worked at a radio station in Weirton. The station had a sign in the window that copies could be made there. A couple of time somebody from the movie company came in to make copies of scrpt changes. I make the copies several times for them. Never smart enough to make a copy for myself. Did not know the movie would be a big hit. Some of the movie was shot in Weirton and much more over the Ohio River in Mingo Junction.

  5. Joe

    Does anyone know where the filming took place when Michael (Robert De Niro) was streaking after the wedding? I couldn’t find the street in Weirton or Mingo Junction on Google Maps. An image of this scene used to be on this site.

    1. Jay Kondratowicz

      Location #9: Basketball court


      Near West Avenue A, Weirton, West Virginia, United States

    2. Bill B

      It was on Holmden Avenue in Cleveland, near “A Christmas Story” House. The dark, night time image of the street can still be found online on a different site. Many of the houses from the movie are gone now.

      The movie sequence starts with the wedding at the cathedral on Starkweather Ave, proceeds to the reception at Lemko Hall on W 11th Street (both in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland), then the run down Holmden Avenue, and culminating at the basketball court in Weirton, WV.

      When I visited Cleveland, I was surprised at the low interest in “The Deer Hunter” filming locations, compared to “A Christmas Story” House. I enjoyed that also. The museum in Weirton, WV is worth a visit.

  6. Bill B

    For Location #12: The mountains (more specifically the hunting cabin), move the map shown down to reveal Artist Point. Find the long, brown pond on the top of the ridge SE of Artist Point. Highway 542 is shown NE of the pond. The cabin, which I believe was just built as a set, is located on the NW end of this pond. If you pull up a Street View photo of Artist Point in Google Maps, taken in August 2020, there is a couple walking up some dirt steps, with the cabin location directly behind them. If you compare the rock formations with various photos posted online, along with the actual video of Michael making an early morning departure from the cabin (after returning from Viet Nam), you can verify the location. The site is still partially covered with snow in the Street View photo, so it is probably best to visit in September.


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