The Firm (1993) Filming Locations

Location #1: Harvard Square

thefirm01A thefirm01B

Near Massachusetts Avenue & Brattle Street, Cambridge, Massachussetts, United States

Location #2: Harvard Book Store


1256 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Location #3: The college


Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Location #4: The bus stop


Copley Square, Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Location #5: The interview


Fairmount Copley Plaza Hotel, 138 Saint James Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

6 thoughts on “The Firm (1993) Filming Locations

  1. Jason

    Where the wolf river meets the mighty missippippi @ north end of harbor town where island drive turns into north island road . Wilford Brimley is facing west looking towards Arkansas with the wolf river to his right in the background.

  2. Jill

    They also filmed along Old Military Road in Marion, AR at an abandoned law library. My dad was on the fire department at the time and was one of the firemen on scene spraying the streets to keep them wet during night filming. Said both Tom and Gene were there. There was a photo of them all hanging in the fire dept last time I was there. It was taken that night.

  3. LBJ

    Hey there.

    In the opening title sequence directly following the exterior of the Harvard book store, we see an interior shot (yellow pillars, red carpet, colorful furniture with people mulling around) that is supposed to be a student center or lounge at Harvard. The camera pans from right to left, ending up on a bulletin board with Harvard Law recruiting times posted to it. This was actually filmed at the University Center at the University of Memphis (Memphis State University at the time this was filmed in late 1992/early 1993).

    The interviews Mitch McDeere has before the interview with the Memphis firm were filmed upstairs at the University Center at the University of Memphis.

    Later in the movie when Mitch confesses to Abby he was with another woman while in The Caymans, this scene was filmed at Boscos at the Shops of Saddle Creek in Germantown, TN, located just east of Memphis at the intersection of West Farmington and Poplar Avenue. Last time I was at Boscos, there was a brass plaque in the booth, noting it was the one used in The Firm.

    I was living in Memphis during the time of the filming. Whenever I see the movie, I always think of my time there.


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