The Fly (1986) Filming Locations

Location #1: Road

thefly01A thefly01B

Strachan Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Location #2: Seth’s hideout


At 135 Liberty Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Location #3: Monolith Publishing


St. Pauls Square, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Location #4: Market


Roughly at Augusta Avenue & Baldwin Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Location #5: Hospital


240 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

* A contribution by Joanne Raines Moore!

3 thoughts on “The Fly (1986) Filming Locations

  1. Joanne Raines Moore

    The hospital scene was filmed at 240 St George St., Toronto. At the time it was The Ontario Medical Association building. I worked next for at 238 St George which; at the time was The Ontario Dental Association. As the senior staff member responsible for the facility I was approached by the film crew. The gentleman requested that I stay after work to keep the lights on in our building for the scene shots. As it turned out the angle of the shot changed, but now in 2019, I still have the crew member’s business card.

  2. Emily

    About 1:11:40, the street out of the hospital in her dream, was taken around College & University Street in Toronto, with first scene towards south which contains CN Tower, the second towards west in which the building of University of Toronto on the right side.


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