The French Connection (1971) Filming Locations

Location #26: The tollbooth

thefrenchconnection31A thefrenchconnection31B thefrenchconnection31C

Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, Bronx, New York, United States

Location #27: Duplex Bowling


Near what is now 666 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, United States

* A contribution by Mitch ???.

Location #28: Arrival of the shipment at the docks

thefrenchconnection33A thefrenchconnection33B

At Pier 5, Brooklyn, New York, United States

Location #29: Popeye walking out of the bar


At South Street & Market Slip, Brooklyn, New York, United States

Location #30: Popeye’s apartment building


Marlboro Housing on West 11th Street, Brooklyn, New York, United States

2 thoughts on “The French Connection (1971) Filming Locations

  1. Lindley Farley

    Hi Nick,
    I see you cited my location for Roy’s Bar in THE FRENCH CONNECTION, but it was not on Bushwick Ave as you have above. It was on the east side of Myrtle Ave. between Broadway and Lewis Ave (I had found the exact address in a 1970 phone book at the NYPL). Where the bar and bowling alley once stood is now an empty lot, and basically around the corner from what was The Oasis bar/now Chinese restaurant at 912 Broadway where the Santa Claus foot chase begins. What made finding the Roy’s Bar location confusing was using the Myrtle Ave. el as a reference point. A major part of the el was torn down in the late 1970s (originally it extended all the way to Flatbush Ave – you can check a 1970s subway map online), so where Roy’s Bar and Duplex Bowling alley once stood is exactly where today the el line ends on Lewis Ave.
    Lindley Mitch Farley

  2. Paul

    The “vanished abrupt road” in location 53 was actually Little Hell Gate Bridge. It was demolished in the 1990s and replaced by Central Road because the Little Hell Gate had filled with sand over the years, and the bridge had become obsolete.


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