The Getaway (1972) Filming Locations

Location #1: Prison


Ferguson Unit, 12120 Savage Drive, Midway, Texas, United States

* Special thanks to JW for the correction!

Location #2: The park

thegetaway02A thegetaway02B

Sewell Park. 601 University Drive, San Marcos, Texas, United States

Location #3: Riverwalk


River Walk, San Antonio, Texas, United States

Location #4: The bank


100 West Hopkins Street, San Marcos, Texas, United States

Location #5: Texaco


205 West Hopkins Street, San Marcos, Texas, United States

15 thoughts on “The Getaway (1972) Filming Locations

    1. Alexandre L., Webmaster Post author

      Thank you! I admit I was slightly skeptical but every single source reported this as being the Huntsville Unit, so I naturally assumed it had been re-built or something, after all, this movie is over 40 years old!

      1. Alfredo Reza

        Prison release and farm labor scenes were at Ferguson Unit, Midway TX. outside of Huntsville ; at the time it was primarily designated for young offenders, mostly first timers. The office settings, open prison atrium and brass barred area were filmed at the Huntsville Unit, downtown Huntsville.

  1. Austin McComb

    Actually it is outside the Ellis Unit, outside Huntsville, Texas The second picture is the Ferguson Unit, but the front of the unit is not in the movie.

  2. Jim Reece

    Location #10, Beynon’s House

    Is on a hill immediately north of San Marcos, and was owned by LBJ prior to the “1962 Election”
    It has a great view of the city; will try to get the physical address.

    1. Lathan Mckay

      Hi Jim-

      I have lived in the area for many years. Off of Ranch Rd. 12. I still have not been able to find the Benyon house/location.
      I know people that worked on the film & they cant recall. I’m pretty sure it’s off Ranch Rd. 12 outside San Marcos. I phoned the LBJ museum and they werent able to come up with anything.
      Can you provide more info?

  3. Jim Townsend

    Hi, scene #12 is clearly not in San Antonio, I live there and there are are certainly no mountains/ hills anywhere. The surrounding area looks to be perhaps El Paso.

    I lived in San Marcos and was present for much of the filming. I lived on W. Hopkins, college days, and that Buttercrust Bread truck was always on the road home. Great memories for me, thanks for taking the time to compile all this!

    Jim Townsend

  4. Walter harp

    Was there also.with my wife late at night watching the filming at the Oasis, met my wife there a year before, we also went to Fabens to watch Steve Mcqueen blow up a police car .

  5. Jesse France

    Sorry the Oasis in El Paso Tx. My bad. Don’t know what I had in the old brain. Anyway I was stationed at Ft Bliss at the time.

    1. Alexandre L., Webmaster Post author

      Hello Lathan,
      I was waiting on a follow up to that first e-mail!

  6. Beverly Schlein

    My kids currently go to Texas State and we watched The Getaway on Christmas Day. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at the filming locations, the kids said they believe bank building was now a bar called The Vault


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