The Godfather Part II (1974) Filming Locations

Location #6: Exteriors

thegodfatherpartii06A thegodfatherpartii06B

Bridge on West 41st Street, Miami Beach, Florida, United States

Location #7: Hyman Roth’s house


2045 North Hibiscus Drive, North Miami, Florida, United States

Location #8: The bar (and the shootout)

thegodfatherpartii08A thegodfatherpartii08B

At East 7th Street & Avenue B, Manhattan, New York, United States

Note from the Webmaster: The address of the bar is 108 Avenue B.

Location #9: Exteriors (Cuba)

thegodfatherpartii09A thegodfatherpartii09B

In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Location #10: Barrage


At Calle Hostos, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

* Many thanks to Frank Abate!
More pictures by Daniel Redondo!

31 thoughts on “The Godfather Part II (1974) Filming Locations

  1. Frank Abate


    Thank you for doing this. It’s been really useful. However, you are missing at least one location. When Michael is stopped in La Habana and he sees a revolutionary activities killed a Cuban police. That scene was filmed in a ver famous place in Santo Domingo, La Cuesta del Vidrio is called. It’s the only street that still has the old stone covering from the XVI Century. The Exact scene was filmed in Calle Hostos north of Calle Las Mercedes. I haven’t been able to locate a picture of the exact spot on line. But I will take a picture and post it here.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Alexandre L., Webmaster Post author

      Had to look up my copy of the film… thank you! Google is making things pretty tough as Street View is not available in Santo Domingo! A picture would be awesome!

      1. Daniel Redondo


        I’m sending you two pictures I made yesterday of Calle Hostos, hope it works.

        Regards and congrats for the website.

        Thanks !!!


  2. Mariano Paniello

    Wow, it’s amazing how much Fanucci’s house (538 E 6th) has changed. The building just looks so blah now.

  3. Erik

    So, in addition to trying to find the locations of Don Ciccio’s villa, and the country train station used for Corleone, I’m also trying to find the location of the olive oil mill of Tommasino.

    Anybody on any of these three?E

  4. Erik

    So, I found the train station. It’s the nearest station (now unused) to Motta Camastra, ex stazione di Gole Alcantara. Still looking for Tommasino’s olive oil facility, and Don Ciccio’s villa, of course.

  5. PaulH

    The funeral at the beginning takes place along the river between Muscianò-Cupparo and Graniti.

    The exact location appears to be somewhere around 37.877108, 15.217472

  6. Mike tannis

    Found ! Thanks for the tip
    Didn’t use the map coordinates
    There is an orange #31 painted on the wall of villa
    Via vecchia pozillo is correct street
    Bring your bolt cutters
    It’s locked up to tight, big wall surrounding it
    Appears abandoned

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  8. Emrah

    The olive oil facility is also in the same orchard as Don Ciccio’s villa. Oil barrels are still there! If you ever go there my advice would be, take a wide angle lens, if you want to take pictures (i have only a short videoclip of it)! I did not check but I sense that the place where Robert de Niro kills one of Don Ciccio’s retainers (a deleted scene) is also here! That is something for my next trip to find out!

        1. Joe

          Magic! Any idea where the location is where the young Vito is hidden in a basket on the donkey’s back? Or the steps in the scene just before?

          1. Jordan Lage

            Yes, the church is in Forza d’Agró, Sicily. The scene where they hide young Vito must have been filmed close by to the church.

  9. Joseph Ciolino

    Anyone know the location of Vito Corleone’s “stoop”? (“Io voglo ben assai, ben assai”) — it’s definitely NOT on Sixth Street.

    1. PaulH

      That was 530 East Sixth Street but the building was demolished in the 1970’s and replaced with a small garden, which is still there today.

  10. Emrah

    Paul H, please just tell me whether the location where Michael, Mary and Anthony have a walk after Anthony’s song for Michael from Godfather III is in Italy or USA?

  11. Aotearoa

    Hi, I’d like to know the location where Michael arrives after Cuba and meets up with Hagen. Neri gives him and wet towel and Tom tells Michael about Kay’s miscarriage. It’s clearly not the lake house compound so where is it?


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