The Master (2012) Filming Locations

Location #1: Beach scenes


Oahu, Hawaii, United States

Location #2: The shipyard


Mare Island, Vallejo, California, United States

Location #3: Doris’ home


619 Winslow Street, Crockett, California, United States

Location #4: The Master’s house


Near Walnut Avenue & 8th Street, Vallejo, California, United States

Location #5: Mountains / Desert

themaster07 themaster07B

Southern California, California, United States

Note from the Webmaster: Exact location unknown.

* Special note from the Webmaster: According to Natalie Kahn, this would be in and around the area of Rainbow Basin in Barstow, CA.

One thought on “The Master (2012) Filming Locations

  1. Jeff

    Are you sure the desert bike scene wasn’t filmed at Jean Dry Lake bed near Vegas? Seems likely given the popularity of that location in film and music videos.


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