The Straight Story (1999) Filming Locations

Location #6: Then further at


North Linn Avenue & West Hale Street, New Hampton, Iowa, United States

Location #7: The lawn-mower breaks down

thestraightstory08A thestraightstory08B thestraightstory08C

At U.S. 18 & Pine Street, Clermont, Iowa, United States

Location #8: Heading to a bar with Verlyn

thestraightstory09 thestraightstory10

At Mill Street & Union Street, Clermont, Iowa, United States

Location #9: The bridge


Black Hawk Bridge, Lansing, Iowa, United States

Location #10: Conversation with the priest


At County Road West & Circle Drive, Mount Zion, Wisconsin, United States

* A contribution by David Burton!

One thought on “The Straight Story (1999) Filming Locations

  1. $onny

    Whereabouts in Mount Zion is the house? I don’t believe that house in the film is there.
    Jeff Teel on ‘Following the Straight Path’ tried to find the house during his travels:
    I love how in-depth he goes into his travel because I’m such a huge fan of the film.
    I believe in the picture above is a set and is actually in a totally different location, instead of the actual real life house of Mount Zion where the story took place.


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