The Straight Story (1999) Filming Locations

Location #6: Then further at


North Linn Avenue & West Hale Street, New Hampton, Iowa, United States

Location #7: The lawn-mower breaks down

thestraightstory08A thestraightstory08B thestraightstory08C

At U.S. 18 & Pine Street, Clermont, Iowa, United States

Location #8: Heading to a bar with Verlyn

thestraightstory09 thestraightstory10

At Mill Street & Union Street, Clermont, Iowa, United States

Location #9: The bridge


Black Hawk Bridge, Lansing, Iowa, United States

Location #10: Conversation with the priest


At County Road West & Circle Drive, Mount Zion, Wisconsin, United States

* A contribution by David Burton!

4 thoughts on “The Straight Story (1999) Filming Locations

  1. $onny

    Whereabouts in Mount Zion is the house? I don’t believe that house in the film is there.
    Jeff Teel on ‘Following the Straight Path’ tried to find the house during his travels:
    I love how in-depth he goes into his travel because I’m such a huge fan of the film.
    I believe in the picture above is a set and is actually in a totally different location, instead of the actual real life house of Mount Zion where the story took place.

  2. Brad

    It’s off of Remington Hill Road which is off of County Road S in Crawford County, WI. In the movie the bartender said it’s of of County Rd W which is incorrect. However County Rd W runs through Mt Zion which also plays a part in the movie. I grew up in the county and absolutely love it here. Any questions email me bnett94@gmail.con

  3. Stan Van Peursem

    Having been raised in Laurens, Iowa, for the first 7 years of my life . I found this film most interesting. Well done. The message of the film is about forgiveness and our pastor recently used this in her sermon to make that point. Unfortunately, there those who are not willing, in today’s world, to forgive.


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