The Unbelievable Truth (1989) Filming Locations

Location #1: Josh is dropped in NYC


At the corner of Wall Street & Broad Street, Manhattan, New York, United States

Location #2: Josh bumps into Audry

theunbelievabletruth03A theunbelievabletruth03B

At 88 East Hoffman Avenue, Lindenhurst, New York, United States

Location #3: Movie theater


At 20 East Montauk Highway, Lindenhurst, New York, United States

Note from the Webmaster: Demolished.

Location #4: Josh in Manhattan


Passing the Flatiron Building at 949 Broadway, Manhattan, New York, United States

Location #5: Soho Gourmet


523 Broadway, Manhattan, New York, United States

3 thoughts on “The Unbelievable Truth (1989) Filming Locations

  1. Greg Mishevski

    On September 7, I posted a reply, but now I see it has been removed, together with the original location #2 and screenshots “02A” and “02B”.
    Could you reverse the previous updates?

    The removed reply…

    Location #2: Audry dumps her boyfriend

    Roughly at…
    294 Houston Street
    New York 11757
    United States

    “02A” = Roughly at 294 Houston Street at the T-junction with South
    Greene Avenue (#390 and #404), looking east-northeast.
    “02B” = Roughly at 294 Houston Street at the junction with South
    Fulton Avenue, looking west-southwest. (The red house is located at
    388 South Erie Avenue).

    1. Alexandre L, Webmaster Post author

      Hello Greg,

      This location was removed, like many have been in the past months because I feel like it was out of focus and hardly recognizable.

  2. Greg Mishevski

    Hello Alexandre,

    I came across your website since October 17, 2021, where I identified the remaining three unknown locations from “A Man Callled Ove” (2015). The day before I’ve seen the Swedish movie for the first time. But I was engaged extensively for finding all the unknown locations since June and I identified almost 50 locations (and some of these locations are in your Inbox Mail and in the upcoming updates)!
    Sadly, I had almost no real cooperation with you!
    I’ve sent 39 emails (where only one email was regarding the corrections and remaining were the filming locations emails) and you replied only twice, on December 20, 2021 and on June 13, 2022. Being unemployed, I have a plenty of time investigatiing filming locations and in one of my emails I offered my services as your assistant, but again you didn’t reply!
    Also, I have to admit, your updates are incomplete and sloppy too.
    I was remind to you on many occasions of the errors, typos and other misspellings and the corrections were partly done. And recently I found a dead link for one movie.
    Also, deliberately missing locations, but important to the movie where you ignore to get either a separate location and a screenshot; or an additional screenshot for the existing location. (eg) The missing screenshot(s) from a separate location between locations #1 and #2, the “Allenby Road, Ottoway, Adelaide” the 1st location street scenes seen in “The Shine” (1996), where I’ve sent you a very long email on June 16 how I identified the location #2 “Helfgotts family house” at “35 Rose Street, Ottoway, Adelaide” (this is the 2nd location street scenes blended together with the 1st location which appear as a single location in the movie!). Sadly, you didn’t reply and ignored all the suggestions!

    I live in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia (not a native-English speaker!) and I’ve been working for identifying filming locations since 2009. Between 2009 and 2013, I’ve been researching the filming locations from the old British movies and TV series on the “Reel Streets” website (credited mainly as “Greg Mishevski” or simply as “Greg”); on the “BritMovie” forum (this forum since had been renamed, and I’m not active anymore there, but my username was “SainT”); and some location work on “Avengerland” website. In that period, I’ve identified hundreds of filming locations! Also, I’ve worked as an assistant to the book named “London Movie Guide” (the 2nd edition, published in 2011) with the author Simon R.H. James. Also, I’ve done investigation work on “The Churches of Britain and Ireland” website, where is the “Unknown Churches” section of unidentified churches from the old photographs and postcards. Since 2013, for the personal reasons, I’m not active anymore for UK filming locations community, but I then last year I came across this website.

    This is your own website, you have free hands to do what you want here… but I think is very unfair you removed both my reply from September 7 and the original location #2 without my knowledge in the first place! I’ve spent some time and effort identifying the location and now that is for nothing! So please reverse the original location #2. If you wouldn’t accept this, then I would never research filming locations on “The Movie District” again! But I agree to upload all the remaining locations I’ve sent to your Inbox Mail.

    Greg Mishevski,
    (doing all the location work from Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia)


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