The Verdict (1982) Filming Locations

Location #6: Visiting the nurse

theverdict06A theverdict06B

At 100 G Street, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Location #7: Sheraton-Russell


At 45 Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York, United States

Note from the Webmaster: The structure from the movie was demolished years ago, this is the right address.

2 thoughts on “The Verdict (1982) Filming Locations

  1. Dan Knauss

    This website is fantastic. I’m surprised for the movie the verdict, you don’t have the horseshoe bar where the main character spent so much time. It’s at 108 Avenue B in Alphabet City in New York and still has the same bar inside. Thanks!

    1. Alexandre L., Webmaster Post author

      Thank you!

      To reply to your message, if the bar isn’t present on here, it’s most likely because we never see its exterior. ; )


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