The Wrong Man (1956) Filming Locations

Location #1: Stork Club

thewrongman01A thewrongman01B

3 East 53rd Street, Manhattan, New York, United States

Note from the Webmaster: The Stork Club closed in 1965 and was demolished a year later.

Location #2: Manny’s home

40-24 78th Street, Queens, New York, United States

Location #3: Walking to the bank

thewrongman03A thewrongman03B

At Roosevelt Avenue & Broadway, Queens, New York, United States

Location #4: Police Precinct

thewrongman04A thewrongman04B

110th Precinct, 9441 43rd Avenue, Queens, New York, United States

Location #5: The liquor store

thewrongman05A thewrongman05B

40-36 82nd Street, Queens, New York, United States

* A contribution by Mark Phillips!

4 thoughts on “The Wrong Man (1956) Filming Locations

      1. Christian Brunelli

        The house on the top in Location # 9 is 76 & 80 Angola Rd (Two Adjacent Lots). The view is looking SW on the north side of Angola.

  1. Mark Phillips

    Not sure if you got my email before, but the liquor store at location #5 is at 40-36 82nd Street in Queens. The store is rather unrecognizable, but the somewhat unique three-sided building across the street (which was the Meat Market) is currently still-standing.

    Here is an ad for the liquor store (with corresponding phone number seen in the film):


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