Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974) Filming Locations

Location #1: Church


In Hobson, Montana, United States

Note from the Webmaster: Don't look for it: it has been torn down in the early 1980s.

Location #2: Pete’s Used Cars


Near 1st Street Southeast, Choteau, Montana, United States

Location #3: Gas station


427 Central Avenue West, Great Falls, Montana, United States

Location #4: Intermountain


326 1st Avenue South, Great Falls, Montana, United States

Location #5: Motel


At 300 River Drive North, Great Falls, Montana, United States

15 thoughts on “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974) Filming Locations

    1. Dan

      No. That was The 10th Avenue Drive-In Theatre. There is now a Holiday Inn on that site. Sadly, all three drive-in theaters in Great Falls have been demolished. Spent many nights there as a youngster.

  1. Janet

    I was looking for the schoolhouse on I-15 near exit 240, but did not see the exit number on the map. Got this info from one of the movie websites. There are a couple of old schools heading towatd Lima, MT. I hope they dont tear those down. Also, the Calf A in Dell is an old schoolhouse. They have great burgers! My father n law lives in Lima. I live i Alabama.

  2. Bill Dean

    This is a great guide to “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.” I would really like to find the location of one scene that’s not mentioned — the movie’s final shot, which shows the Cadillac driving off amid amazing scenery after Lightfoot nods off, and the music and final credits start. I believe this is somewhere on I-15, possibly near Tower Rock State Park, but I’m not sure. I’m also not sure which direction they’re heading. I’m hoping to visit soon the area soon and would love to find this spot. Thanks much.

    1. Deb S.

      You are right on the location. The last scene was shot on 1-15 between Hardy Creek near tower rock SP and the scenic pullout that overlooks Dearborn. The scene with the river off to the side is right near Hardy. He pulls into the scenic overlook when lightfoot dies, then the final scene is actually back to the north a bit and it’s heading south on 1-15 getting ready to go over the river and a really cool view of Dearborn and the river down in the valley

    2. Clayton Richards

      Yes, Tower Rock on I -15. The scene when Lightfoot dies they are driving south. Not sure of the direction during the outro music.

      1. Ryan Battle

        This is the outro music shot:

        The final exchange in the car between Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, and the subsequent final shot of the movie, were filmed just a mile and a half apart. However, when travelling southbound, the final shot’s location (where I-15 crosses the Missouri River) precedes the prior scene’s highway turnout filming spot.

  3. Robert Bruner

    Glad to find this forum. I moved to Great Falls a year ago and was told the movie was filmed here. My wife and I have hit multiple filming locations. Our highlight was finding the tree that Tunderbolt uses to relocate his shoulder. Interesting tidbit, the shootout on bridge scene from the movie “The Untouchables” with Costner and Connery was filmed nearby Great Falls also. If anyone has movie TB&LF locations they’d like to share, please let me know so I can hit those spots up. Thanks.

  4. Michael

    Was the Warsaw School House torn down or moved? From what I could find on Google Earth it looks like whatever happened occurred around 2012 or so.

  5. Paul Elverud

    Amazing site. T&L is one of my 2 or 3 favorite movies. One small point though, #12 is incorrect. It shows the Bison Ford building Which is shown in the movie as they’re leaving the drive-in movie theater, as shown on your site, but it’s actually on the reverse side of that image it’s at the Great Falls Public school District building(s). The armory looks exactly the same just some slight different colors and designs that are different. GFPS has a print shop there as well as some other services.
    Other than that great job!

  6. Dave

    They shot a scene in rural MT on my wife’s family ranch with an older car getting railroaded of a grassy embankment. I wonder if there are any pictures of that?

  7. Daniel M Sweeney

    The history of Hobson states St. John’s Lutheran Church(where Clint was preaching) was just south of the methodist church. The methodist church(in 1973 it had a steeple)is to the left of the screen as Clint is hopping the fence escaping to the wheat field. I froze this on DVD to get a better look. So the church should have been roughly at the intersection of 3rd Ave E and 5st S. The hills to the south are a good reference point also. Those at least haven’t changed much;-)

    1. J D Turner

      You are correct about the location of St. John’s. The 1970 USGS map shows a church at what is now the south side of 5th St S between what Google Maps shows as 2nd and 3rd Ave E. It also shows northbound 2nd St S making a slight curve to the right at 6th St S to about 4th St S and the alley between 2nd & 3rd Ave E, the route Red and Eddie take as the film opens.


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